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January 10, 2021

So you say “love” doesn’t exist? Read this and then tell me what you think!

I am 62 – I completely failed at love relationships… ok, at relationships in general.  “Too intense” people said about me, too nice said others – in the end who the hell knows.  We know that divorce rates are way higher than 60%, separations even worse and that of those still married, there is a large group that live in misery or even fear.  It is the real pandemic!

But once in a while, something comes along that helps you stop being such a damn cynic, such a relationship hater, such a doubter – that makes you feel a tiny bit of warmth inside and maybe believe it is real.

I have observed this couple friends of mine for years – observed them with respect, jealousy, admiration and hope and this year they invited me to spend New Year’s eve with them – rather than bring another bottle of wine, I wrote down my observations about why their relationship is so perfect and so beautiful.  Seamless, flawless, gentle, caring, thoughtful – and on and on.

Here is what I wrote:


( A fictional story as you will quickly figure out )

It starts every morning ( without fail ) – when he brings her tea in bed…  a beautiful gesture he wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. a gesture she never takes for granted and she is always thankful for – “Thank you baby” She says…

And so the dance begins.

Every day, she knows that she will have many opportunities to reciprocate in kind to his thoughtful detail but that she won’t be required nor feel obligated to do so – she won’t even have to plan it out or consciously think of it – it will just present itself – or it won’t, yet no score will EVER be kept –

Some people would call this unreasonable behavior “Thoughtfulness”

If you are one of the lucky peopleto get to witness their amazingand easy friendship, you would quickly notice there is always calm in the air – peaceful comments, gentle inquiries – things flow easily even when confronted with the daily issues of life, or even something bigger – because they are a team, not a mechanical team per say, bothered with plans and charts and premeditated outcomes, they are like a dance team of impeccable skill, each knowing their craft innately; flawless, beautiful  – seemingly effortless.

Through an eye roll, Some people would call this a “Partnership”

Their tone is always gentle yet clear – like a willow swaying back and forth saying “I love you” on one sway and “I am listening” on the other and it fluctuates and flows automatically and seamlessly no matter who is talking or who is listening – no matter where the wind blows.

Some people would have no choice but to call this “Respect”

The day progresses – off they go into a world of pandemics and wars and social struggle and the certainty of horrible Venezuela-style Socialism ( or whatever ) – but they seem impervious to it all, they feel each other FROM AFAR they are within each other. They are a fortress together.

Some people would jealously call this “A FREAKISH CONNECTION”

Their home is filled with the memories of life – or better yet, of being alive – Let’s just say, not your run of the mill Pier 1 decore. Memories of a life they have lived together with each other, humbly and respectfully. And without much pump or circumstance, the reminders of their countless trips around the world, where they explored and learned and enjoyed wonderful things together smile at you from every space – a home they have built together with care and patience and perseverance and pure joy.

Some people would call this “RESPONSIBILITY”

(You know… Giving a shit)

Who are these people? Are they a perfect molecule, some perfect compound? an anamoly? An exception to the fricking rule? Not really – they have no magic formula, no rule – they don’t lecture each other about the rights and the wrongs, they simply are two people that quickly figured out that “THEY” are important, deserving of each other – and that they are able to give and receive fully and without pressure or guilt – and they JUST GOT TO WORK!

Their relationship is truly “VOID OF BULLSHIT”

They are funny and exciting – they are kind to strangers and amazing hosts – they are generous and thoughtful, they are passionate… a little dirty at times – they still look at each other with lust and deep appreciation and trust, they know they are timeless and they know that together –  they will survive anything. You see, to them it all comes from deep within each of them. They don’t “need” each other – – – they, they…  Oh forget it, I am tired of trying to figure it out!

Call ALL of this craziness, this madness, this illogical behavior what you may – GOOD LUCK DEFINING IT!

I just call it for what it undeniably is — PURE AND UNSPOILED “LOVE”

ANNONYMOUS AUTHOR DISCLAIMER: I stand strongly with logic as a mundain and average human being, the unknown author of this obvious fantasy does not condone this type of behavior and encourages readers to maintain their shitty, toxic and disruptive relationships full of drama and demands and complaints and disrespect and selfishness and ego!  That is the American way and something that these two totally fictional characters know nothing about! Besides, if they were real (WHICH THEY ARE NOT!), who the hell do they think they are to tell the rest of us us how to live?  Right?…  In any case – it is all so illogical, I can’t think of anyone that would fit the mold.

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