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February 11, 2021

I choose and I am relearning

Photo by Eternal Happiness on Pexels.

I choose to share a real practice and a real person because I am relearning the art of self love. I know many don’t even read my posts or see me and I am relearning that it is ok, because I need to see and read me. I choose to share struggles and imperfect because I am relearning joy in my body and life and letting go of untruths. I am relearning the art of not being what the world and others say I should be and am. I am relearning I have everything to share and nothing to prove. My practice does not change with the clothes I wear or don’t or the smile on my dial or not. This is me two different practices and two different outfits. What it tells you about me is nothing. Not if I am happy, sad, struggling, have it easy, partnered, alone, got good or bad news, my fav tea, age, height or the journey to be here today. Your reaction says more about you, your life and your teachings. For me I am just relearning that I am not made up of how society perceives me or you, but how my internal world loves or doesn’t love me. Yoga doesn’t give a fuck what I wear or pose I do or what time I post, but social media and society does. But, I am relearning what society cares about doesn’t mean it makes me happy or a better person. I am relearning that what really matters is I be me and you do you. That being different only makes us more valuable and nourished each other to grow. That if you comment or don’t doesn’t mean I am loved it is about how I feel inside that does. I am learning I always loved things the rest of the world forgot, flowers through concrete, weird and wonderful people and things, to be insecure and own it knowing I am strong in my vulnerability. To be dumb but intelligent in my own unique way. To be unattractive, but beautiful by my own rawness. To be alone but still be loved. To be sad but still smile. I am learning I’m not whole but I feel joy and I’m broken but nobody will ever understand and that is ok. Because, to be human is to be broken and to be broken is it’s own kind of beautiful in a world of false perfection.

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