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February 18, 2021

Self Belief -So I want to remind you in the times you think you can’t, you can.

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The yoga I can do today took me 7-8 years to accomplish most poses. It wasn’t a destination and wasn’t because it came naturally. She always asks me how I do it. I say we gotta work for what we want and we have to believe in the bigger picture. It was because I held self belief in my practice to grow and show up for myself even on the days and times I fell down. I got back up and kept believing. This practice has been through epic highs and lows. I have attempted on my life. I have lost a child. I have been abused. I have had post and prenatal depression. I have had life going on what nobody ever sees behind these pictures like us all. However one piece of advice I can give to you all is if you want to change your life or get through the hard times you need to give yourself one thing. At some point in your life you need to give yourself belief. It becomes an ultimate super power. So I want to remind you in the times you think you can’t, you can. It’s not about having the best or having the right things to make it happen. It’s about having self belief. Self-belief says: throw it at me life, I will handle it, overcome it and I will survive and succeed. The value of life is in the journey toward; not the arrival at. So never give up. Continue the journey no matter what your present rate of progress or the elusiveness of the outcome. Stick with it and you may be surprised at the destination and its meaning for you.

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