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February 11, 2021

Unfolding {Poetry}


Give me one more autumn morning

when the rain falls again from the eyes of yesterday’s sky

the air is somehow colder

the light becomes silent and hazier and darker

the fog rises here and there

above this old town hidden behind empty echoes

a sweet mystery in which I breathe

a flight between heaven and earth

a white blanket that keeps the cold inside the bones

a curtain that hides the dreams up in the clouds

and everything is unfolding in between

listen carefully to the whispering from the crispy leaves
the breathing from tired lungs
the unspoken words behind those closed eyes
the longing in the heart with irregular heartbeats
the noise in the souls of sad people

I’m wearing my perfume like poetry
I’m drinking wine for breakfast
and coffee in the middle of the night

biting from pain au chocolat & tasting love bites

oh well, sometimes I dream of Paris
I’m such a romantic human being, aren’t I lost in a beautiful dream?

but, how do you get to know what it’s unknown inside yourself?

there I want to travel

because something is changing inside of me
and I don’t see who I am
my heart is getting smaller and smaller
so I’m going somewhere far from this life
far from the one I see in the mirror
just for a little time
and maybe in that place I’ll grab my own hand and it will be fine
an unfolding to oneself
that’s all I want… and nothing more

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