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February 11, 2021

Unraveling is lovings oneself

Loving of oneself is the unraveling of all the wounds, traumas and conditioning. The unfolding of ones wildly folded origami history, memories, hurt, shame and all things that are keeping the love from getting in. To love oneself is to reach out and take your arm.
Maybe we must remember we are not trying to put the heart and mind against each other but marry them and let their differences find harmony.
As the heart lets go the mind holds on…As the heart flows in faith and grace the mind gets pulled into the black hole of fear and distrust.
As the heart is slow and gentle, the mind races like a formula one car frantic to find the destination. As the heart blossoms in acceptance of all and labels nothing the mind loves problem solving, labels, categories and seeking…
When we speak our feelings, admit our sufferings, without blame; we soften and our heart takes over and our mind comes to meet the heart to find possibilities in love… in turn all benefits and blossoms and we start to heal in a harmony we all seek but don’t know because we are never taught. This then brings the mind and body awareness…What is self love? to me this is self love it is this never ending beautiful chaotic journey.

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