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March 2, 2021

Do you Really Understand the Law of Attraction?

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The Law of Attraction is just the law of Karma that was introduced as a new way to teach people how to attract wealth, and of course to attract it to it’s creators! This is not a bad thing or a good thing, it just is.
The law of Karma is very basically cause and effect. You attract to you that which you focus on.
This law is fundamental to our Universe, but SO MANY PEOPLE TEACH IT WRONG! It isn’t their intention to sabotage your efforts, although that is what they are doing, they just don’t understand it fully themselves.
So here is the process for you, step by step, without paying a ton of money!
? It begins with imagination. The imagination is where you create your reality. This is the most misunderstood tool available to you as a human being.
? Energy begins to form around your imaginings, shaping them through the filters of your emotions and experiences. Your emotions shape your reality.
? The brain responds to the emotions with thoughts, once more governed by the experiences you’ve had, the programs you are running, the filters you perceive through.
? These thoughts create waves that act like transmitters of a certain vibrationary frequency. You speak out loud to increase the volume. They encourage you to act or react in certain ways that strengthen the frequency.
? Other matching frequencies are drawn to your transmitter (thoughts) so that the brain can cement this reality into being.
This system is fool proof. As long as you understand it.
The problems with the Law of Attraction is, most people come across it because they are living in a fear state. It is usually recognised as LACK.  When you try to attract what you want from this place, no amount of affirmations work because, the starting point for this law is not the WORDS or THOUGHTs, it is the creator and the shaper, the Imagination and the Emotions.
To make this law work for you, you must first clear the fear. It cannot be done by using LOA, otherwise what you attract will always miss the mark. The first step then is always to clear the shadows and programs running your life. The clearer your inner world is, the easier it becomes to attract what you want. And then you can begin with a clear intention of what you are seeking, and start to create it in the imagination.
Oh and btw…the imagination is not located in the mind! So all the quotes telling you that manifestation begins in the mind, have missed the first two steps entirely and do not fully understand the imagination.
The imagination is within the Soul matrix, and so is all around and within you on many dimensions at once. It is your own personal sandbox, or canvas that you can create with, and then rub out and start again, whenever you like. It is limitless, and you can literally step into it and out again on amazing adventures. But that’s a whole other story!
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