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March 15, 2021

Herd Immunity 2.0- the GOP

It is not uncommon for tweens to follow the crowd. The definition of cool when you’re 14 is to be like everybody else. It’s actually developmentally appropriate. Grown men and women are supposed to follow their sense of morality. They know the difference between right and wrong and yet we all watched them vote NOT to impeach the previous president. They claimed it was procedural in nature. They cited a mosquito sized technicality to justify their motivation; my agenda over country. First we watched McConnell postponed the impeachment trial and then he used it as the reason he could not, in good conscience, (does he even have one?), vote to impeach. Yet he blasted his bestie.

Recently I watched 109 men in the Senate vote to keep ________ on the education committee. They weren’t the teeniest tiniest bit repulsed by her behavior. Their vote sent her the message that they had her back. Are they representing their voters or are they covering their as*ses? I imagine a group of kindergartners would demonstrate more integrity. They understand that being hateful to others is not okay. They will be reprimanded in school for behaving the way our elected officials are. It’s the mob mentality; comfort in numbers. Those who have displayed the courage to speak their truth have been punished for doing so.

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