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March 19, 2021

How to Achieve Unified Consciousness – My Own Experience

The Unity of Consciousness – The Spiritual Perspective.

‘The Unity of Consciousness

First published Tue Mar 27, 2001; substantive revision Fri May 19, 2017

Human consciousness usually displays a striking unity. When one experiences a noise and, say, a pain, one is not conscious of the noise and then, separately, of the pain. One is conscious of the noise and pain together, as aspects of a single conscious experience. Since at least the time of Immanuel Kant (1781/7), this phenomenon has been called the unity of consciousness. More generally, it is consciousness not of A and, separately, of B and, separately, of C, but of A-and-B-and-C together, as the contents of a single conscious state.

Historically, the notion of the unity of consciousness has played a very large role in thought about the mind. ‘ ~ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


When consciousness is unified, it does not separate itself into parts. Instead, it experiences itself working as a whole.

In this age of Awakening our aim is to reach this Spiritual attainment. But we don’t want to experience unity with the mind, we want to experience it with all that we are.

This immediately expands the experience, into more Unity!

So, the ultimate unified consciousness is when you are Source. You are not different to source, or a part of source, you are Source.

This is not achievable when in a physical body. It is something you work towards as you progress up through the dimensions of reality. Each dimension is reached as you become more unified. The ultimate ascended being is Source. When you achieve ascension, you are no longer distinguishable from the whole, which is Source.

So, what is achievable when we live in a physical body and how do we do that?

To be truly unified as a human being means to see yourself as everything and everything as yourself. All of your characters in the World of I have gone from being fragmented parts of you, into being 1. You have achieved a true World of I state. You have become a clear vessel on the inside, which gives you access to whole other dimensions. This is exactly the same as your ultimate goal of becoming Source.

Once you have cleared the inside it is time to work on what is outside of you, to see everyone on the outside of you as fragmented parts of your whole. Your World of I has effectively flipped inside out.

Now you must integrate each person you meet back into your World of I, seeing them as you, accepting them as you, no matter what they do, and integrating them into your new concept of I.

You are doing this for everything on the planet, not just people. And now you have access to other dimensions, you are doing the same with everything you come across. You are working in many directions and in many dimensions at once.

But it doesn’t feel this way, because you are not separating all of these things. Just like the opening statement describes, you are doing it all at once. And you are not separating these new learnings as they occur, because you are using the heart on this new adventure, rather than the mind. And you will find you learn at many different levels at once! In some areas you will be conscious of separation, and in others you will not. This doesn’t mean you are failing; it means that learning is achieved in non-linear fashion. We have been programmed to believe that we learn by one skill building on another, but heart learning is a free flowing state. It isn’t even a spiral, but a constant flow of energy, spending more time in one space than another, and then flowing to the next space, and back to another space, and so on.

The heart can be viewed as a funnel. The organ itself is the narrowest part of the funnel, the densest and most compact point. But the heart expands and expands ever outwards, becoming less and less dense, and is always connected to the original heart of Source, which is not a heart at all, but one unified field of consciousness that we are a fragment of. We are literally trying to find our way back home, like the salmon fry who go out to the oceans, only to return home again to the place we were born. And who knows what happens then. Do we regenerate more of ourselves, as the Salmon do? Does Source itself multiply when we return home? Is that why we, and all other higher beings, are in a state of constant ascension? Can Source only multiply once all of its parts return? These are questions we will never be able to answer, and even the beings higher than us have no answers to these questions, because they have not yet returned to Source either, although they are far closer to that return than us, and live in a far more unified state than we do!

So how do we help the process using the heart? What can we do? How can we become a unified human being, seeing ourselves, as much as possible, as part of a greater whole that we will never understand? How can we trust that is even the right thing to do?

None of the following steps happen sequentially.

  1. Trust is step one, and we gain trust through experience. We must challenge ourselves to grow, and the trust happens when we realise, we overcame the challenge and we are actually more whole because of it, instead of less so. Even if we were wounded in the challenge, we gained more than we lost. Trust is felt not thought. It comes from the heart. To trust that YOU are everything you need is a giant leap. Without Trust you are wasting your time.
  2. Step 2 is integrating all the many characters in our World of I. Our ultimate aim is to experience our World of I as a whole rather than full of characters. The good characters become so much a part of you that you cannot differentiate between you and them anymore. The Shadows are healed, the energy structure containing them, dissipated. You are I.

When you experience darkness on the outside, it has no impact on your inner World of I, because there is no corresponding shadow to reflect off. So, you don’t see it as darkness, you see it as a shade of light. Not pure, yet, but not black either. You have an understanding that you can help integrate it back into the outer whole, the outer World of I that you are now working within, by offering it love. Not love on a human level, but unconditional Sovereign love. This love can sometimes be nurturing, sometimes fierce, sometimes tough, sometimes passionate, depending on what is needed. This is the Divine feminine energy in action (which means supported by the Divine Masculine energy, both of which come through the heart).

  1. Step 3 is to be of service to the whole, not by going out and exceeding your energy limits, but by standing in your power, and shining your light. Your clear light, (created by the fact you hold no shadows), shines on the shadows in other people’s World of I,and changes those shadows. The shade of light within them changes. And thus, as you bear witness you see we are all connected, we are one unified being in operation. If you can affect another by just standing next to them in a queue for instance, then how are you separate? Trust is then amplified, as is understanding, and thus is your light.

Each step you take, you expand outwards, becoming more unified, and stronger. You become more light.

And each step makes the journey simpler because there is less baggage to interfere with your journey back to Source. You are lighter, freer and healthier on all levels.

There are many ways to focus on the heart and its energy fields to help you through this process. There are meditations, music and sounds, visualisations, all of which enhance the heart, so that the bottom of the funnel expands also, and becomes less dense.

They are available for you on YouTube, Google, in books, on TV channels like Gaia. The key is to find one that works for you.

My role is to provide you with the understanding that connects the why and the what to the goal. My knowledge and wisdom provide the AHA moments that allow you to take your next step, in the right direction for you, untainted by any opinion of what that step should be.

So go forth and UNIFY!!!

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