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March 18, 2021

None of the stories, posts or life shares are really before and afters

Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on Pexels.

None of the stories, posts or life shares are really before and afters. I think we have got the words all wrong. They are just us. No one is going to write in second and third person to tell you how you can be happy if you meditate, get that pose, or follow that diet. Life is messy and imperfect. Life is beautiful and sacred. Life is all of it, an assembly of humans learning out loud that we can be proud of each moment and experience we share with our friends on social media. By acknowledging all the moments we do and don’t post too.

My life is a mess if I do yoga or not. Every-time I post on social media, you can be sure my mind is in attendance dancing like a money with symbols in Homer Simpson’s brain. It’s telling me things I’ve fucked up and what’s not good enough. I don’t know if everybody feels like this but I do know many that do. I also know I do far better when I take off the mask and show the human struggle too because my joyful moments contains struggling moments too.

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