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March 10, 2021

Transformations happen in the dark…

Transformations happen in the dark. They don’t have a cheer squad. They don’t have a loud celebration. They don’t have an end game either, they have a lifestyle. The only thing they have which doesn’t do them justice is a highlight reel and naysayers.

8 years ago after losing a child and told by drs I wasn’t able to have a child here I was with a miracle inside me. Suffering deeply from prenatal depression and a fraud beyond words to become a mum.

Today nearly 8 years later. From prenatal to postnatal depression, to an attempt on my life and many other battles not seen here some in my book Brave, Beautiful and Baring it All – Link in bio. I am standing here. My fitness has pretty much all been inspired by online workouts and yoga on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and online studios. I haven’t trained in a gym i have done it all at home 5-6am before work and my day starts. Me against my demons.

Here’s to the strong women that inspired me to remind me I was more than my thoughts.
@drchristinakoni @yogicbynature@amyweckermd @supermomtraci who gave me my light back when I forgot it and became some of my greatest friends that I met online. Thank you for loving me just as I am.

@ashley.horner who reminded me I could regain my fitness after a baby.
@zuzkalight who’s workouts I have done for 8 years and who has shown me I am not my beginning. I am my journey.

@stephaniemarieotto@olgaupsidedown @ulziikee@cirque_physio @iamstevana@xkimaliciax @mindful_jess@ashleygalvinyoga @mackenzieyoga@kinoyoga who reminded me i am not my age and I can do anything I put my mind to with their incredible teachings.

@iamshapeshifting @lindachenyoga@polarubis @michelle_yogogirls@nude_yogagirl @kelelah@jadebeallphotography@rootedinflowing @lizcrosbyyogathese ladies reminded me my body is a beautiful gift to be cherished and nourished, not societies and others words.

Happy women’s international day here’s to you all blessings Rhy x

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Read 1 comment and reply

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