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March 3, 2021

We Haven’t Come A Long Way Baby!

  As always, someone bailed out the President to avoid complete destruction. DJT resisted calling the National Guard to the Capitol as armed rioters smashed windows and shots rang out in the People’s House. Our president had to be convinced to consent when approached about the matter. Where was he all day yesterday? Earlier, at the “riot rally”, he told his goons, he’d be walking with them, NOT. But we didn’t hear a peep until he was shamed into making that pathetic video proclaiming his woes.
  While I am not a fan of the Vice President and never have been, he was far more presidential yesterday than Donald Trump has been in office. What is all the hub bub about #25-ing #45? We already have the VP acting as the president. I listened to the speeches and heard more than a few politicians eat crow and actually own up to their part in shenanigans that went terribly wrong.
  When does this entitled narcissist get more than a time out? He and his whole crew have blood on their hands and repair bills to pay. No worries, our tax dollars will cover the damages. I was encouraged to see a few of the “villains” step up and out from under the alternate reality they have been living in. A day late, and a dollar short. They will have to live with their part. Their inaction directly caused action by extremists who terrorized the Capitol. They could have done the right thing months ago and we might have avoided this fiasco. Never doubt his power to destroy.
  It is not lost on me that if that was a Black Lives Matter ” RIOT” , there would have been an obvious presence of enforcers early on and a violence we are far more accustomed to under the “leadership” of this White House. Two hours after a mandated curfew and my jaw continued to hang, watching the police practically escort the rioters off the property. Reports of police taking selfies with the terrorists and walking them in.
  Where were the rubber bullets? Why weren’t police driving into the crowd, grabbing people and shoving them into unmarked cars to be arrested? If you do not believed in white privilege, review the videos of what went on and how it went down. The subtleties of preferential treatment to this crowd, were anything but. We haven’t come a long way baby.
It’s time.
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