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March 28, 2021

When Furniture reminded me to be Creative and Flexible

Photo by eric montanah on Pexels.

When my husband and I moved into our house roughly thirteen years ago, we took his parents’ old couch and loveseat.  Around the beginning of 2021 I started getting the urge to replace them.

Over President’s Day weekend, my husband and I started looking at furniture.  We found a lovely, linen-colored loveseat, chair and a half, and a brown recliner for him.  The loveseat and recliner were delivered about a month later.  The chair and a half was delivered this week, but there was a problem.  Either we measured wrong, or their measurements were off.  It was too big.

My husband rented a U-haul and took it back to the store for return.  Thus began our new search for something that would fit in our tiny living room.

I have reviewed numerous websites and sat in many chairs, but nothing seems quite right.  It’s possible I’m asking too much or need something custom made.  I want one large enough where I can sit cross-legged, and for the fabric to be unique.

Today while I was out looking, I started thinking of alternatives.  Rather than finding a chair for me, I can keep my usual spot on the loveseat, and we could get a bench.  One that is soft and unique.  It can be placed out of the way when not in use, and pulled out when friends and family eventually are invited over.

This also allows more area for activities, such as my yoga classes and other workouts. It appeals to my want for more space in the house, rather than feeling like everything is packed in.  I can see the back door from my desk better, meaning I can see when the dogs need to go in or out.

This process has shown me once again that I can be creative when I want to be. Our living room furniture doesn’t have to be traditional.  It doesn’t have to be anything big.  It doesn’t have to match.

I don’t have to find everything all at once.  I can keep searching in my own time, having faith that the right thing will come to me when it’s meant to.  Until then, we can work on other things, like a custom built table that will fit between our desks.

And I can remember that creativity and flexibility are what will keep me sane.

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