April 11, 2021

A Reminder for the Days when you Worry that You’re Not Enough.


Others would…always

Be more

Do more

Be just “more”

Was there any point trying if you couldn’t be the best?

But the conflict inside…

I don’t want to be the best at anything

Imagine keeping that up

I also don’t want to be the worst though…I don’t want to be mediocre either.

So where do I want to sit?

Below amazing and above ordinary?




Honoured and revered and admired…oh, but the price of that!

Something tells me I could have done more, been more, pushed more, tried more.

There is pain in that feeling…that…it’s too late now to be what one might have been.

To become…

I have become something

I’m just not sure who or what

I never had a plan…not at all

That is the question, if I had a plan…could have excelled at something?

But what is that thing?

I dabble, I learn, I try many things…I rarely if ever master anything.

So does this make me a failed person in most people’s eyes?

I don’t have masses of material things…but I have masses of amazing experiences.

Which is the richer?

I do what I want

I say I don’t care what

“They” think of me, my choices, and my unconventional life…I’m not an everyday girl…never was, never will be, never could be—don’t want to be!

But then…never mind…it’s too common to follow the masses, and I rarely approve of them.

I want people to know me but not know me…a dilemma

To hear me, to know my story, to understand, to resonate, and to admire—yes admire—but then leave me alone to my privacy

But be inspired by me and know that I am good. A good loving person with so much feeling and love inside me

Do not believe the sour words from jealous lips of those who could not know my love and those who wish to paint a version of me that they know is false.

I am who you think I am

I am who you believe I am; I am who I am

I am me.

The question is?

Is it me or am I the rumours you hear and believe about me?

Not a chance—rumours and gossip serve only the people spreading them and always have a motive.

You can never know the depth of my heart and love I have…you will never fool me. I see you…I see through you…I see it all

All of you…you with the perfect life…I see it’s not real I know you are not content.

I’ll tell you why

You live for the masses

Do the opposite

Live for your soul and do what brings you joy

Not for Facebook

Not for comments

Not for likes



You are more than enough.  Of course, you are my darling, you always were!


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Read 7 comments and reply

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