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April 6, 2021

The Problem is not what it seems.

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I never seem to have enough time to write. My schedule is overloaded and my writing goes on the backburner a lot. When I was writing for NANOWRIMO, I managed to write almost every day. So what’s the big deal now?
The problem is that I choose to put my writing on the backburner. I instead find myself scrolling through Facebook or Instagram for hours. Instead of writing I play Wizards Unite or this dot game I have on my phone.
Or I say yes to too many things. Offering to help a friend with something, or deciding I’m going to take a bunch of tarot and witchcraft classes. Most of these I’ve never finished, but I have lifetime access, so I can go back at any time, right?
Instead of writing I decide that my day job is more important, and I work extra hours. It will be there tomorrow, but I conclude it’s necessary to get it done today.
Or I offer to help out with studio tasks. I teach yoga there two nights a week. I could not offer the extra time. It’s not expected of me.
Then there are times where I have to get something organized. It’s difficult to write with a messy desk. Once I clean my desk I feel renewed. Lighter, even.
But none of these things get any writing done.
Some of them are time sinks with no true added value. Some of them are me trying to prove my worth by offering too much of myself. Some of them are me being passionate about so many things that I need to focus on only a couple at a time.
Or I need to plan time for writing. Perhaps every day isn’t going to happen, but surely there is some time on the weekends. I know well that mornings won’t happen. Some evenings might work.
The problem is I need to decide that’s what I’m going to do and stick with it.
Who is with me? Do you have some habits you want to take up or get rid of? Let me know in the comments.
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