April 17, 2021

Why COVID-19 can be an Opportunity for Spring Cleaning of the Soul.

Whilst the world is in limbo, and the collective psyche is adjusting to this new reality with our survival instincts alive and kicking, I cannot help but be reminded of a theory called the butterfly effect.

A mere flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause the whirling of a tornado on the other side of the world, and small changes lead to large-scale effects. It is a reminder that you matter—that all of your actions matter and influence others.

Mother nature is forcing us to be in limbo—a place of uncertainty, lack of control, and of no change. Most of us are anxious, scared, and experiencing mixed feelings. It is forcing us to experience these same emotions that persons with mental health issues experience—the physically sick, caregivers with family members who are ill, asylum-seekers.

This has reminded me of Carl Jung’s quote, “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.”

We are forced to be empathic. Will we learn how to care?

COVID-19 is an opportunity to stop and reflect that we are humans, first and foremost.

How fair is it that the world is dictated by the economy and we are its slaves? That we spend so much time at work?

How fair is it that we do not prioritise our loved ones? That children have such little time to interact and to discover themselves because schools have such rigorous syllabi teachers are obliged to follow?

How fair is it that our life is so fast-paced that we have little time for ourselves?

Then, we wonder why (mental) health issues are on the rise and (mental) healthcare professionals are burnt out.

Life will never be the same once life resumes back to its normalcy. Time will have changed us, but this can also be a good thing.

This state of liminal space, the in-between, is also an opportunity for new life, insight, creativity, growth, and to ask ourselves what makes our souls sing. It is a moment to spring clean our homes, bodies, souls, and minds. It is a reminder to count our blessings and cherish living moment by moment.

When life returns back to “normal,” who will we be? Are we willing to change?


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