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May 2, 2021

Earthquakes happen in humans too {A little story}

Photo by FOX on Pexels.

Sometimes, as the earth’s crust shakes from too much tension and earthquakes occur, those underground storms, these earthquakes happen in humans too.

The cracks of the soul, caused over time by everything that is against its reality, turns it into an extremely fragile epicenter.
So fragile.

And the waves of thoughts that come from the mind can make it move and turn into a relentless storm of the being it inhabits.

A human catastrophe, often hidden under smiles.

And while everything collapses inside, the human somehow remains on the surface, waiting, hoping, praying that everything will settle down.

He closes doors, rebuilds loves, he finds himself under all the rubble of dusty dreams and shattered bones.

And sometimes that goes back to normal.

But other times, that person wakes up in a deep, dark pit of a life that he does not recognize and in which he no longer knows how to be.

And then, the storm in the soul turns into a hurricane and comes to the surface, destroying everything in its path.
Here it takes years to rebuild and nothing is put back to its place.

Everything is reborn, but at a huge price.

If those cracks had not formed, if there had been a balance between the inner voice and the mind, if that human had lived his life as he really wanted, if he or she had further minimized the noise from the outside and given louder the volume of the heartbeat, then the earthquake would have been infinitely smaller or perhaps not at all.

Although, from time to time, we still need a storm or a change of season to make little room for the new, for evolution, for rebirth.

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