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May 19, 2021

Star-Crossed Lover {Poem}

He is the first thing I see when I step outside.

Stark, shining, complete—my eyes are drawn to him before
they even drop to the ground on which I walk. How can he
be so captivating, this magnificent figure I can’t
take my eyes off of as I walk slowly over the frozen grass
on this blackest of nights?

It is cold. The moon is new, its absence of light leaving
all the more space for his to pulse from the contours that,
despite their sparseness, so fully, so flawlessly
denote his presence.

He stands straight, his belt titled at that bold, rakish
angle around which the rest of his figure settles
effortlessly. It’s not hard to
fill in the spaces among his potent stance:
he is a warrior—hard, solid…here.
A strip of cloud brushes across his shoulders, and I want to
reach up and tear it away: how dare it deface this impeccable
view of my dashing celestial love?

I can’t help noticing that he follows me wherever I
go. Whenever I look back at him, he is right there,
facing me squarely, his invisible gaze never leaving me.
I stop, stand, fix mine only on him. I feel him looking
down at me, his dark, hungry eyes piercing my body as I
remain motionless beneath him—exactly where I want to

Then, somehow, he is penetrating me. I cannot move, cannot
even blink, can only breathe more deeply as I feel him fill my
being, thrusting slowly, completely, taking me with the passion
of a warrior and the timelessness of the

In the morning, I cross the yard and pass the spot where I
felt him last night. I look to where he was and squint: the
sun overtakes the space where he stood, where only
hours before he took me with
sudden breathless wonder.

But in all directions, the ceaseless rays that keep me now from my
cosmic beloved are surrounded by
vast, uninterrupted blue.

The sky is clear. I will see him again tonight.

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