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May 2, 2021

The Primordial Meditation Process – continued

Level Two: Postures Five, Six, Seven and Eight

Level Two of PMP creates a refined level of witnessing, the hallmark of perpetual consciousness, and assists in the development of the celestial perception of exalted consciousness. Posture Five begins to awaken the higher function of one’s cosmic consciousness, which surrounds and permeates our universe. It is also a powerful tool for the development of the highest degree of human enlightenment—Unity Consciousness.

Posture Six is designed to facilitate the movement of Awareness, so vital for the development of Unity. It is designed to remove the last of the separation between the individual and the universe.

Posture Seven directs awareness to Universal Conscious Awareness, the See-er of creation, the driving impulse of the cosmos. When consciousness is focused on the Universal Intelligence it is free from the limitations of humanistic limitations and suffering.

Posture Eight establishes peace with all of relative creation, thereby further stabilising harmlessness. It also has the effect of confirming the most important relationship of the individual with the Source of All that Is: the limited self surrenders to the Infinite. This posture has the effect of stabilising the only correct relationship with the True Nature of Being; this naturally results in a much faster rate of progress.

Postures Nine to Sixteen of Levels Three and Four of PMP are postures that stabilise direct communion with the pure infinite source of divinity and are the applications for mastery and enlightenment.
As a contemporary western society, we are programmed through years of conditioned beliefs and human behavioural patterns based on emotions such as fear, grief, stress, judgement, denial and depression. The solution to disengaging from these stressful thoughts and emotions is to rise beyond the source of the distortion and learn to drop in pure thoughts that lovingly seduce and charm the mind back into the ocean of calm, deep peace. The PMP system helps you move your attention from these thoughts and feelings by introducing English mantras and phrases that aid your meditation concentration and which eventually dissolve these limitations. Just like with many other positive psychological programs, new neural pathways are simultaneously created, resulting in inner peace, optimism, freedom, liberation and joy.
Absolute Primordial Conscious Awareness is when the conscious mind settles down into its own true nature and is no longer defined, or identified, with relative human conditioning and the stresses that come with the human labels (waking state). Absolute Primordial awareness is experienced as expanded, vast spaciousness—a conscious state of rest deeper than that of sleep. The adult human mind rarely experiences being in this moment of open awareness, also known as ‘presence’.
It is estimated that the average human adult thinks more than fifty thousand thoughts per day. These thoughts are mostly focused on the past or the future but rarely rest in the present moment (the gaps between arising thoughts). This habitual attachment, to past or future, leaves us with minimal experience of living life as it is, here and now. When we focus less on thoughts of the past and the future, we set ourselves free from the stress, beliefs, worries, judgements and limitations that they impose upon us. This freedom allows us to establish greater moments of peace and joy in life.
PMP begins and ends in the sacred science and essence of presence, awareness, silence and stillness. Transformation of…

  • All of life’s suffering to permanent happiness
  • Chaos to peace
  • Ignorance to enlightenment… which can be found in resting in the present moment of time.

Discovering the perfection in the present moment is the goal of Absolute Union with the Divine, the Primordial Infinite Source.
PMP is a process that will eventually refine the conditioned mind and senses to remembering and awakening to our absolute and infinite natural state of being. Resting in silent conscious awareness is the doorway to true awakening. Conscious attention and focus on the celebration and appreciation for the soul’s divine journey is one of the greatest tools for awakening. Sitting in silent awareness again and again and again is what creates union with presence. Consciously stilling the active mind and its noisy, incessant dialogue through witnessing, intention and committed meditation practice is what eventually changes thought patterns and creates new neural pathways in the brain, leading to an experience of inner silence, peace, bliss and joy, even in times of external chaos and challenge.

You can experience a continual life of freedom, peace and joy by freeing up your fixation, grasping and attachment to past experience, beliefs and thoughts. Union with the absolute, sacred and true nature of the soul is easy to accomplish when you turn your awareness away from the noise of the mind and its internal dialogue and experience the peace of the silent presence already within.

When you experience the stillness of present-moment awareness, you open yourself to dimensions of expanded consciousness, creativity, intuition and a multitude of positive changes that will empower your life. The more you learn to quieten your internal dialogue through meditation, the more you gain access to your soul. And from that place you start making choices that can enhance just about every aspect of your life. The magnificence of meditation isn’t the high you experience during the practice, but the inner peace that you carry with you through the rest of your life. May you now experience that deep abiding inner peace your soul has been longing for. I will now guide you through this gentle practice that will help you see and feel the world through the eyes of love-consciousness.

Copyright, 2021. Robyn Collins

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