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May 2, 2021

The Primordial Meditation Process

Existing at or from the beginning of time; primeval.
The Primordial Meditation Process (PMP), a direct pathway to awakening and transcendental consciousness, is a completely contemporary approach to connecting with your higher self, for soul to soul connection and for spiritual development. PMP is a simple meditative practice for directing the attention away from the ego mind to the source of conscious awareness, inner silence and presence.
As PMP is only ‘pointing’ attention away from stressful thoughts and beliefs, it is simply a pathway to the goal of attaining self-realisation or full conscious awakening. It is not associated with any spiritual path or religious organisation.
The Primordial Meditation Process is a guided practice that awakens and transcends the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness:
Part One
The Physical aspect of the Self as soul consciousness awakens as the expression of love and compassion for itself and humanity.
Part Two
The Cosmic aspect of the Self as soul consciousness awakens as universal intelligence and the creative force of grandeur and magnificence.
Part Three
The Light aspect of the Self as soul consciousness awakens as formless- ness and bliss
Part Four
The Divine & Pure Infinite aspect of the Self as Unity Consciousness and Evolutionary Manifesting – no thing, no where , no one, no time where we become at one with the creative principle where all possibilities exist .This is the Pure Infinite source of Self as soul consciousness awakens as radiant divine bliss, the ground of being, the highest source of pure eternal emptiness and Is-ness.
Part Five Integration
Experience the full integration and unification of all dimensions as One non-dual reality.
PMP is a ‘tool’ that assists on all dimensions of healing assisting in the maintenance of:
  • mental wellness
  • stress reduction and management
  • relationship and health improvement
  • self-empowerment
  • spiritual awakening
  • inner peace
PMP opens you up to realms of higher consciousness and self-awareness that you’ve only read about. When you develop a regular meditation practice, you will quickly notice mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. You’ll feel calmer and more centred, no matter how turbulent your world gets.
In ancient yoga practices, the sitting posture is called an ‘Asana’, meaning to be seated in a firm but relaxed position. In Primordial Meditation we rest in an ‘inner asana’, meaning that we bring our attention within to a meditative posture of presence and awareness. Since an inner asana is not a physically seated position, it can be practised anywhere as long as it is relaxed and is done with intention.
Each inner posture is practised with simple statements that represent a vibrational aspect of source consciousness and bring us in union with that source. Each statement opens the heart and aligns the mind, body and soul to the vibrational healing energy and presence of infinite love-consciousness, unity and pure spirit. With intention and commitment to practice, they maintain unceasing stability and inner stillness.
Attention on the inner posture is simple and only requires the ability to gently bring one’s focus beneath the stream of thoughts, following the breath within to the belly and then resting in the heart space.
Copyright, 2021. Robyn Collins Australia
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