May 27, 2021

You are not a Hypocrite for Trying.

One of the most common responses from friends (and others) when I talk about veganism, or avoiding plastic, or boycotting Big Tech is…to point out how I’m failing, how I’m a hypocrite, how whatever it is that I’m trying to do isn’t perfect. That’s natural, I get it. 

Here’s my response: you are not a hypocrite for trying.

There are no Hypocrites in Buddhism.

It takes bravery to be willing to feel vulnerable. To feel sadness. ⁠

Yesterday, in a leadership meeting, I ended my turn, and the meeting (I go last), by saying I didn’t feel supported. No one said anything (it’s gotta feel awkward, it takes empathy to get through awkward, as well as bravery). It felt like 5 minutes, and I said, okay, ‘bye, rock n’roll, go get ’em! kinda thing. Really, it was probably 2 seconds. I didn’t give them a chance. ⁠

I couldn’t hang in there with my own feeling of hurt, of burn out, of lack of support from those I like and love and respect. ⁠

I’m a hypocrite, right? ⁠


And this is a key point, and it’s not about me, it’s about all of us: we’re all practicing. It’s okay to fuck up. That’s the path. That’s the path. That’s the path. Take another step. Fuck up. Come back to the teachings, the practice of meditation, to what’s real. ⁠

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