May 27, 2021

Why Overachievers need a Spiritual Framework for their Life.

How often do you feel like you’re doing things alone? Like there’s no one on your side or you have to beg and plead for help? Or even that no one can get things done quite as well as you can?

Overachievers often feel isolated because they have an innate drive to work hard and get things done well.

The problem comes in when they don’t make space for support, especially spiritual support. It often leaves overachievers pushed to the brink and questioning if they’re on the right path. The thrill of the win is momentary, and life becomes about attaining the next goal for some sense of completion that never comes.

That’s where the saying, “It’s lonely at the top,” comes from. You can fight, push, overcome, and achieve repeatedly only to find yourself empty while the rest of the world thinks you hold the secrets to being successful.

It’s this innate need to feel complete and at peace on the inside that drives so much of human behavior. It is not always easy to recognize when you don’t feel this way.

This can often manifest as:

>> Burn out

>> Blaming luck for your success

>> Suffering from Imposter Syndrome

>> Feeling like the win is great, but not enough

>> Sabotaging yourself over and over again 

The truth is, we’re not built to do it alone. And while, yes, we can get help from other humans, it’s not the only support that we’re meant to receive. This is why a spiritual framework is necessary for us to fully realize what life has to offer us because without it, wins are just temporary fixes until the need to go back into the cycle of doing comes knocking.

But what does the spiritual framework mean and what does it do?

To implement a spiritual framework into our lives means that we’re no longer trying to do it all alone. We welcome a higher power, whatever that means to us, into our lives so that we get into alignment with our full potential without having to fight to get there.

By opening ourselves up to collaborating with a higher power, we can learn to get into the state of allowing, also known as a flow state, in which things can work better for us because we’re no longer battling to be right.

In other words, we no longer have to find the answers on our own.

Napoleon Hill, the author of books like Think and Grow Rich, talks about Infinite Intelligence. He refers to it as a power greater than yourself. The concept is that you can only take yourself so far, but to move into high achievement with fulfillment, you need the guidance and support of your higher power. The reason being is that your higher power has a different perspective. It can see different opportunities and help you receive the intuitive nudges you need to help you regularly get into that flow state.

For example, I was working with a professional car race driver who had crashed the car more than a few times while racing. His wife was concerned about him and sought help, which is how he found me. After going through my program, he established a connection with his higher power and he won first place in his division that year. Everyone was astounded by how differently he was driving. Not only was he no longer crashing, but he was also now winning races.

When I asked him about his experience, he told me, “Libby, when I put on the helmet, God’s driving the car.” I responded, “Apparently, God likes to drive fast and safely!”

By removing the belief that he was driving the races alone and embracing that he had a higher power on his side to guide him, he was able to relax into a flow state and to be fully present. This made the winnings even sweeter because in embracing his higher power, he no longer felt like he was fighting his battles alone.

But what does the spiritual framework entail?

The spiritual framework is simple. The first component is accepting a higher power as our life co-chair. Our higher power helps us make decisions, navigate life, and get through the hard moments. Now, it doesn’t matter what our higher power is. It can be God, the spirit, the universe, the Buddha, the earth or its elements. 

A higher power can be anything that is bigger than us that we can accept going through life with.

Secondly, we must actually commune with our higher power. Believing isn’t enough; we need actual connection, communication, and camaraderie with our higher power. This is what deepens our ability to get into a flow state and receive guidance. It will heighten our intuition and override the subconscious ills that keep us from fully experiencing our unleashed potential.

Lastly, we must make time with our higher power nonnegotiable. When we create a habit that connects us with our higher power to make the best decision possible in every scenario, life changes. That’s why we need to connect with our higher power every day, even multiple times a day.

The more we make the connection a part of everything we do, the more shifts we will experience and the more fulfillment we will eventually feel.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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