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May 21, 2021


Step 1: The most important thing is the content of the text and the writing style. The content buy a narrative essay should suit the purpose, the topic, the field in which this journal publishes articles. It is very important to know in advance the “area of interests and topics” of the journal you want to publish in.

Step 2: Choose your area of scholarly work with passion. If you don’t have the desire and drive to work in this area, if your research interests are in another area, if you are reluctant to work with these patients, you better not take on this work. Choose something you enjoy so you have a chance to overcome many difficulties along the way. Trust me, there will be plenty.

Step 3: Pick the right supervisor. I would say this is the most important thing, because if your supervisor doesn’t stimulate you, you don’t speak the language with them, you don’t discuss topics together, there’s no point in continuing. Your research topic can always change. Things change a lot in the course of a PhD, but the supervisor doesn’t change in most cases.

Step 4: Create a good study design. Spend as much time as possible in planning and determining the dosage. Talk to people who have experience in your field, people who have done similar studies before, and people who have failed. The most important thing is to learn where you can go wrong. We all love success, however, we learn the most from failure. Question the pitfalls, because 100% you will encounter them.

Step 5: Organize Your Bibliography Well. There are many good programs that can help you easily arrange your bibliography of infodump sources with just a few clicks to put the source at the end of each sentence, even two clicks to change the way the source is spelled in the references. These programs will be introduced in detail in some of the EnhanceMed courses.

Step 6: Create a good scientific hypothesis. It’s no good to shoot in the dark and just test certain protein X indicators in patients with disease Y if, after the fact, it doesn’t lead to a change in treatment or diagnostic approach. For example: we test for proein X and if it is positive we start treatment Z and this persuasive essay leads to an improvement in the patient’s quality of life. The hypothesis is very important to then be able to explain the results.

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