June 11, 2021

A Message for the ones who Feel Lost & Alone.

Many people cite their experiences with God, the universe, the Divine as few and far between…something a select few, the “chosen ones,” will get to enjoy if they’re lucky.

I disagree. I believe She’s always there to tap into. The Divine will gently nudge, show Herself in people, art, nature, and softly beckon you to come and sit with Her and sit with yourself. I suppose, then, it’s a matter of access.

But She’s always there, waiting for you to come home—to come home to yourself, to your spirit, to the heart of everything. If we’re still, we can feel the throbbing intentional heartbeat of everyone who has come before us and everyone who will exist after we’re gone.

We thank those who have preceded us, for without their precise actions, words, and existence…we wouldn’t be here.

We pray for those who will come after—pray that they find one another and recognize God in everyone they meet. We Pray they know how loved they are.

When we have experiences we want to remember, we do everything we can to transmit the gold, warmth, and peace from our veins to paper so as not to forget what it means to sit quietly and meet the Divine. Like when we were children and wanted to trap lightning bugs in mason jars. It wasn’t out of cruelty; it was to revisit their light and magic whenever we could and look on with twinkling, curious eyes.

I think of every version of me that’s existed previously and I am able to let out a contented, gratuitous sigh that I am exactly where I need to be. Experiencing these moments we want to savor forever with another is one thing, but to meet God and feel everything in solitude is completely different.

May we never forget that we are never alone, never have to be, and never will be.

Many times I am struck with the easily forgotten truth that we all started together and our duty will always be to share this peace and stillness whenever possible, as we do our best to light the path on our walk home.

What can we do to light the candles, torches, lighthouses, lanterns that will be others’ North Stars when they’ve lost their way?

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Read 3 comments and reply

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