June 30, 2021

Elephant celebrates Pride.

Elephant Journal was founded back in 2002. We were a magazine, at first. But even from the first issues, when we were black and white, barely thick enough to avoid being called a pamphlet, Equal Rights for All was among our 8 primary areas of focus beneath our slogan: “the mindful life.”

Why? Well, to you it may be obvious. But at the time, we were living in a country where gay marriage was illegal. While we still have far to go in terms of equity and justice for women, people of color, indigenous friends, the houseless and persons with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community, among other communities…until our Supreme Court and Biden and then Obama changed their minds, we were living under the shadow of official support of prejudice against our gay brothers and sisters and others. And that felt dark. And any sort of “enlightened society” must include equal rights—nay, equity, and justice, for all. Why? Because we’re all basically good. We’re all human. We’re all  good-hearted, beneath society’s learned prejudices and fears.

One of our early color issues (though we were first known as a yoga magazine) was dedicated to gay rights—to civil unions—and we received both plaudits for it (the cover was beautiful) from the LGBTQ community, and closed doors from The System (our main distribution point at the time, Whole Foods, wasn’t comfortable with accepting Elephant magazine, or any magazine cover about sex and violence—I protested, saying this wasn’t about sex, so much as equal rights for all).

Since going online, we’ve been blessed with thousands of articles about equal rights, and I would like to take this opportunity—in this Daily Mindful newsletter dedicated entirely to Pride (thanks, Marisa, for making this happen) to invite you to write on this vital subject to our community of millions of readers. Because our work isn’t done. And sharing your voice is a powerful way to, through catharsis, keep the arc of justice bending forward.

Here’s a few articles and interviews from over the years. There’s more below this little list. Please read, share, enjoy:

How to explain to an unconvinced Christian that homosexuality isn’t sinful. [flowchart]

Bible forbids Homosexuality?  (with that great West Wing video)

Ash Beckham: It’s Okay to Ask Dumb Questions. 

Homosexuality, contrary to Evangelical reports, is soooooo Natural. Just look at Nature.

Top 10 Reasons to make Gay Marriage Illegal & 9 Other Inspiring Gay Things.

Skip the Salvation Army’s “Red Kettle.”

11 Subtle Insidious ways that these new Gay Rights will affect your Liberty to the Detriment of God & Country.

“This is the single best Ask Amy response I’ve ever read.”

Legendary Football Coach Vince Lombardi’s view on Homosexuality.

What if Gay was Straight & Straight was Gay? {Warning: Triggering Video.}

Gay Marriage: Why Legal Isn’t Enough. ~ Gilles Herrada

Love, months after Coming Out. ~ Ryan K. Russell

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