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June 24, 2021

Gāyatrī – The Glow of Life

Photo by Bradley Hook on Pexels.

Glow of life
can be in disguise
but know this truth
Love is in you
love is in all that exists
no one is missed
as the subtle fabric that gives glow
and the potential to know

The light that shines within
is the light of joy
that leads the way to juicy life
where sparks in the eyes and an all-embracing glow
lights up the field where you will know
– without struggle
simply juggle

The laughter and smiles will open the gates
where expansion of wisdom and bliss awaits
Sense already now, how you become more alive
simply by thinking about the joy in life

Let the light of your life and the wonder of your soul
bring you closer to the heart of your goal
Let your heart’s desire be a guide
and surrender to the mystery of the in all shining light.

~ Gāyatrī,

Maria Lauridsen Jensen, April 2021

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