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June 24, 2021

God, Love, Heart and Brain: Existential Interactions Explored

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.

Our brains and our hearts have a delicate, nuanced relationship with each other. Yet, they each have a mutually exclusive role in the function of our bodies.

The heart gives unconditionally by creating energy for the mind and body.

The mind constantly monitors our needs to be pacified with ongoing, uninterrupted demand for fulfillment of these perceived needs.

The mind says, “my demands are the priority for I am helping you make the decisions to help you function and be happy.”

While the heart does not discern. It says nothing, it just keeps giving and flowing.

Where is God?

God is a spirit, alive in the heart. Love emanates from the heart. When we embrace love as our touchstone and activate it through our behavior, we are inseparable from God.

When we need to communicate with God, we only need to put our hand to our heart to listen and hear what the heart says.

The brain is incredibly powerful and multi-functional.  It hosts the ego. It will try to interfere with the work of the heart and demand priority, but it knows that it must respect our heart because our heart contains God spirit.  It creates and pulses with the energy for and of life.

The requirement for gratification is wired into our brain. That is its main job since our mind is constantly monitoring our needs.

All our conscious actions manifest from our mind.

“I am hungry, so I eat.”
“I am tired, so I sleep.” Etc.

It wants to be fed with immediate satisfaction. We call it ‘survival instinct’ but it needs the throttle of our heart to modulate it.

Harmony, empathy and moderation are signaled with a consistent beat from our heart.  It is the engine and the throttle to the engine.

The brain must be trained to listen to our heart.

The brain and heart, while unique and different, are symbiotic. They need to work together to find balance that enables authentic happiness and long-term survival.

Religions attempt to navigate the process of understanding who, what and where is God.

The reason we have so many religions is that they all have a different opinion on the subject.

Here are some examples of the differences of religions that either focus on the brain or the heart and the resulting practices to either achieve Nirvana or get to Heaven.

Buddhism defers to training the brain to avoid desire to find Nirvana. But Nirvana is inherently perishable since temptation is ever-present. Therefore, the battle with desire is constant.

Christianity prefers to relate to the heart. Jesus and the Bible teach Love.

It is led by imperfect men with good intentions who desire to please and serve God. However, these men are influenced by ego and other human weaknesses that dwell in the mind.

So, again, where is God? Where is authentic truth and happiness?

It rests within the heart. The heart is pure Love. God is the spirit of pure love. Pure Love requires no thinking. It is the source of every living thing.

The Earth and Love are synonymous. They give life to all things. They are the real miracles which enable human creation and sustain existence.

We humans are just an experiment. We are a very brief experiment in the history of the universe. But we tell ourselves through religious books that were written by men that we are the Son of God.  We were made in his image.  We were meant to rule the world.


Can you think of anything more arrogant than proclaiming ourselves as Masters of the Universe?

That all living things are here for our pleasure?

Is this an authentic story from our heart or our brains?

Let’s see.

Our brains scream, “of course these things are true! They are in the Good Book. That is why we are here! We were meant to rule!

Our heart just keeps beating and waiting for us to listen. Really listen.

Put your hand there now and listen. Does it tell you to conquer? To win? Or does it tell you to relax, and breathe and synchronize? It helps me connect with my source of love and truth.

Should we continue our current way of living that destroys the only planet that gives life? Should we really deny or even try to justify our ongoing destruction of it? Should we continue to eliminate/exterminate all perceived threats to our total domination of all living things?

Or. Should we authentically listen to our hearts and God to coexist in harmony with all living things? What does your heart say?

Who will win – God in the heart manifested through love, or man and ego driven by the mind?

The longer we believe the alluring but deceptive fallacy of latter, the shorter the fragile human experiment on earth will last.

Challenge Questions:

  • Who, what and where is your God?
  • How do you communicate with your God?
  • Do you think that we are guardians of earth or destroyers of it?
  • How do you think mankind will be viewed 100 years from now?
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