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June 16, 2021

Lamar Van Dusen on eLearning Education

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According to Lamar Van Dusen, the eLearning sector is changing as a result of recent technological breakthroughs. Thanks to the development of tech gadgets, novel training tools, and cutting-edge technology, we’ve been able to build new eLearning views that we could only dream of a decade ago as per Lamar Van Dusen. Between 2013 and 2017, eLearning expanded at a pace of 23% each year on average. Recent technological advancements have had a significant impact on eLearning, as well as introducing new ways to communicate information and deliver content. Let’s take a closer look at each of these new advancements and how they affect eLearning.


Lamar Van Dusen said Virtual Reality(VR) is a PC development that utilizes Virtual Reality headsets or multi-projected conditions, a portion of the time identified with props or real conditions, to make down to earth sounds, pictures, and various impressions that advance a customer’s genuine presence in a whimsical or virtual environment. The valuable relevance of Virtual Reality has made it an incredibly notable tech in eLearning. For the present, expected applications in the fields of clinical planning and actual science show the most assurance. In light of everything, what benefits can this invigorating development bring? According to Lamar Van Dusen, VR can send understudies to the farthest corners of the universe in a flash of an eye and include them in an attractive and significantly enlightening environment. An improved motivation to learn is another key benefit. Understudies will as of now don’t be left with piles of debilitating substance, list things, and blueprints, yet they will get a chance to truly encounter the experience and exploit it taking everything into account.

PC-created Reality holds exceptional potential and is depended upon to go further past gaming, to consolidate domains like planning and preparing, similarly as VR motion pictures, sports, and music. In the first place VR in eLearning, an association needs to have a specialist planner who can work with programming like Unity 3D. Moreover, VR headsets are required for learning peoples, which without assistance from any other person can transform into a cost-prohibitive factor.

Big Data

Big data assists eLearning academics in better understanding how consumers process information and which aspects of learning are most relevant to them. It also aids them in identifying learning situations that require fine-tuning inside an eLearning curriculum. Experts in eLearning will predict whether or not students will succeed based on their learning patterns. They will design their eLearning courses in this way, ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to get the best possible outcome as per the observations of Lamar Van Dusen. When it comes to Big Data, it’s tough to know where to start. The organization can figure out how to get important data and then analyses and interpret it to find useful information.

Smart Gadgets

Wearable devices, often known as wearables, are smart electronic devices that may be placed on the human body as ornaments or implants. These wearable gadgets may be employed as flexible management training tools since they can deliver educational opportunities practically everywhere. Wearable devices may take scenarios and simulations to new levels, which is why they should be employed to make learning solutions more immersive and intelligible.

To keep providing eLearning on wearable devices, the company must first determine learning opportunities that are appropriate for wearable, as well as strategies to integrate eLearning into workers’ daily routines in the eyes of Lamar Van Dusen. Man-made awareness is suggested the understanding appeared by machines, rather than normal information appeared by individuals and animals. It is changing the whole eLearning experience given the various advantages it needs to bring to the table. Man-made brainpower can help include regions that require improvement and help understudies in focusing on areas where they loosen utilises A.I.

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