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June 11, 2021

Let’s Focus on the Culture

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At the beginning of the pandemic, leaders all over had to switch gears to leading virtually. Instead of watching employees from their office, they had to do so from their kitchen island. Although there are tons of leadership books, development programs, webinars, articles, and experts to help leaders during a time of crisis, many leaders felt defeated. Many organizations spend a significant amount of money sending leaders to programs and seminars to help them become better communicators, coaches, and visionary leaders. In a time where employees needed help the most, many leaders weren’t focused on the right things.

Leaders of companies were so concerned with figuring out if employees were doing their job or not from home they lost direction. Employees deserve to be trusted during a time like this, but instead, they were given demands to hop on video for more meetings than they normally would have in the office. A Consumer Intelligence study done in October of 2020 found that only a quarter of employees in the U.K. felt as though their company’s leadership had a set strategy for leading through a crisis. This goes to show that many organizations allow poor leadership practices to overpower what’s most important for the workplace and employees.

Now more than ever leaders should be focused on creating work environments and cultures that reflect on their life lessons and experiences. Employees should be working in an environment where they feel connected to their peers and feel creative energy, even if they are working remotely. Posting your organization’s values and mission on the wall by the elevator doesn’t do anything. In order for work culture to be successful leaders must focus on their personal growth as a start. Without shaping their mindset and character leaders will never be able to deliver those that follow them with the guidance they need.

In order for culture to be successfully spread throughout the workplace, leaders must act with the intention of building healthy relationships and environments for employees.

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