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June 25, 2021

My journey with Mama Cacao

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So I did it.

I had signed up and my very first delivery of ceremonial cacao had arrived.  This was to be the start of my training to become a  Cacao Medicine Carrier.  I had been dabbling with Cacao for a few months and a nudge saw me dive headlong into my training.  It was time to tap into the wisdom of this plant.

I had signed up for three months, three months of taking her each day, dedicating time each day in the early morning in stillness to drink  and allow her wisdom to seep into every cell.

As the training started it was clear that each one of us would go through their own shifts internally and externally.  These for me where hard to vocalise within the training group.  I process deeply and often enjoy the shifts of energy, riding the waves of change without wanting to share the process with anyone.  At times I can be intensely private, each day feeling subtle shifts.  These were my changes and I was determined to milk these for all they were worth.  At times these were subtle  shifts and others would hit me  like a ton of bricks, not one person in the group would be immune to the power of Mama Cacao to profoundly change your life.  There was only one thing for it, to embrace every change, every nudge, every signpost and step into a unknow future, a future that at times was well beyond that of my natural comfort zone.

Mama Cacao pushes your boundaries so you share your truth with the world.  Not only is she a heart opening medicine, she comes into your life to cut away all that no longer serves you , allowing you to grow and fly.

Within the intense personal experience of the first few months you learn about Cacao and her medicine, you build up a personal library to relate to others as you share her medicine with them.

Three months, so many lessons, so many experiences, the key lessons that stood out for me

  • Having space held for you during a training course in invaluable and vital. This may be your course tutor, training container or a trusted friend. Someone who can make time to listen to you.
  • Vibrational resonance, you are no longer going to be a vibrational match to things, people, places in your life. There will be change and all that no longer serves you will naturally being to fall away
  • Allow the process, milk it for all that it is worth, every lesson, every emotion, every nudge to act. Be, breath and allow, don’t fight the process
  • Brewing my cacao, chanting to her and whisking her bubbles every day, sitting with her and allowing became an integral part of each day. Those moments of stillness, 15 minutes of being, without them, the day didn’t feel complete.
  • Cacao and her medicine is for everyone, not just new age middle age women wanting to try something new. My stand out moment at my first cacao circle with my online community was a much loved  Soul Sister bringing her 12 year old daughter to sit in circle and who tried a low dose of cacao.  Mama Cacao is a journey of self discovery at any age.
  • You think you have learnt all you can, then another lesson comes. She works with you every day so you step and shine as the best version of you
  • She pushes you, out and beyond your comfort zone, way outside at times. I would never be writing this or sharing my channelling on You Tube if it wasn’t for her firm yet polite kick too show up, speak my truth and share her wisdom.
  • She teaches you to love without boundaries, without judgment, to accept all.

Mama Cacao, the spirit of the plant, sacred teacher,  a wonderful grounded heart opening medicine.  Like any mother she wants only the best for you and each day encourages you to be the highest version of yourself.  She ignites, enlivens and its times re-ignites your passions.  She knows what steps are for your highest good and nudges you to take them.  She teaches you love, yourself, others and know that loving without boundaries, opens your heart even further.   She holds you while, snotty nosed and red eyed you realised you are growing, learning and loving.

Her magic weaves into everyday life.   Can you welcome her into  yours?

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