June 14, 2021

Start Owning it & Make Yourself Happy.

It’s time to recreate yourself, to make yourself happy.

No one is going to manage to make you happy if you are not already happy by yourself. You cannot expect to find happiness outside of yourself; it will not work.

It is also unfair to expect others to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. When you breathe, you do so on your own. When you wash, it’s your body you are washing. When you eat, it’s your body you feed. When you study, it’s your brain you are developing and empowering. Why then is it that you want to outsource the responsibility for your emotional fulfilment to someone else? No! Pull yourself toward yourself.

Let me ask you this, if I have no idea how to make myself happy, how then are you going to know how to make me happy? See where I’m going with this? Let’s fix our thinking, unlearn all the rubbish society and soapies taught us, and wake up to smell the strong coffee.

Empower yourself as much as you can. Study. Don’t rush into relationships or marriage because you are looking for someone to complete you. It won’t work. Be complete then marry or have a relationship with another complete human—then the two of you will complement each other. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself holistically, you cannot expect it from anyone else. Treat yourself well and own your happiness and your peace; this is the way to teach others how to treat you.

Never compete in a challenge that has rules you were not a part of when writing; you will not win. Remember life is not a competition anyway and neither is marriage.

Also, marriage is not an achievement. Run your own race at your own pace.

Travel, learn different cultures, meet different people, and experience different ways of living.

Be loyal to God then yourself. It’s not selfish; it’s self-love. Stop allowing people to limit the size of your dreams.

Believe in yourself, know that you are capable, and that you can achieve anything. Nothing is off limits for you and only meant for a selected few, no. Not happiness, not great health, not success, not wealth, not education, none of these are reserved for a selected group. If you want any or all of them, start owning them in your mind and work on ways to manifest them into reality. Use the law of attraction if you must but whichever dream or wish you need realised and own it!

I often tell youngsters that you are in your element in your 20s; make sure you make the best of it. Also, Life is a journey and that is why it happens in stages. If it was a destination, everything would happen all at once and there’d be no tomorrow to look forward to.

Take risks but don’t be reckless. Remember that with choice comes both responsibilities and consequences, so be prepared to stand by yours.

Lastly, nobody owes you anything, not even your parents. If you want it then go out there and get it. Own it, work for it. That way nobody can claim to have given it to you.

And lastly, live. Don’t just exist.

Peace and light to you.


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