June 2, 2021

The Pandemics of Missing Love during Covid: A Poem.

Photo by Mike Chai on Pexels.

To the poet in the menacing crowd:

I am romanticizing you.

Falling in love with the warmth of your smile,

Because for now,

It’s what keeps me from drowning.

I have no ocean to gaze at,

No comforting sun,

The snow has wavered its sparkle,

And even the moon has quietly gone.

We’ve grown tired and weary of structure,

Nauseated by what people randomly say,

For now, you are both

The seamless sea, the endless ripple,

And the vessel that keeps peril at bay.


How I long to return to the grace of each other,

And then dance to a newly born beat.

As we heed the call of a murmuring siren,

May we drift toward the tides

Of a welcoming fleet.

The ocean knows.

The floating is upon us,


The floating is us.

For the stars to align,

We will dive into the depths of our innermost nature,

And swim freely toward the safety of its welcoming shores.


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