June 24, 2021

Video: every time Michael Jordan Took it Personal.

Do you believe in taking it personally, or do you believe in “it’s just business, not personal.”

I’m with taking it personally. Be like Mike. Own it. Then, let it go. That’s better than shrugging, saying it’s someone else’s problem.

Everyone who ever effed over our planet and children and decency said “sorry, it’s just business, it ain’t personal.” But it’s personal to whomever and whatever they were effing over.

This morning I spent 10 glorious minutes trying to help a gorgeous, brilliant, half-helpless dragonfly that’d become enmeshed in cottonwood seed fluff, then falling into the water it had been trying to drink from. When we decide to care about something, it’s always personal.

Now, the moral of the story—the larger context—is that Jordan wasn’t always the happiest, kindest human being. He wasn’t always honest. But we can take this lesson, and apply it to honesty, to kindness: take it personally.

Not because we want to dominate, but because we care.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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