July 19, 2021

This Husband singing for his Wife just Broke My Heart.


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Even when we don’t believe in spirits or the afterlife, those we’ve lost are always with us.

Matt lost his wife in the tragic helicopter crash that also killed Kobe Bryant. Watching him stand on stage, performing on America’s Got Talent for his wife and his family, you can see how full of love he is. It doesn’t hurt that his voice is both powerful and angelic at the same time. (Your heart will crack for this man at 6:06, I guarantee.)

“When I was out there tonight, I was singing to her, and I wanted to make her proud, so I think I did that. I felt her in my heart, which was—it was nice.” ~ Matt Mauser


Elephant Journal has many talented writers who’ve shared their wisdom on grief and loss, and these are the quotes that touched me most:

“…this definition of grief is a reminder that grief is a wonderful, sad, heartbreaking gift. Because grief is love, it’s having loved, it’s having been loved.” ~ Emily Bartran, “The Best Definition of Grief I’ve Ever Heard. (Ever.)

“Time softens the pain and, if we’re lucky and wise, it allows us to carve meaning from it. And it blurs the memories, makes them shimmy and slide, and now I mostly remember my brother’s essence: sensitive, funny, impulsive, wild. A lovely song, ended far too soon. One that leaves me blessed, changed, brokenhearted.” ~ Lynn Shattuck, “How to Live through the Grief that lasts a Lifetime.

“Enjoy the first year. Yes, enjoy it. They will always be in your heart but may not always be as present in spirit as they are in the first year after their passing. Nurture every tear. Enjoy every supernatural wink they give you. Invite them to ride along in your passenger seat whenever it’s empty. Play music they loved and sing with them. Light a candle. Take a bath and talk to them. Out loud. It’s not delusion—it’s consolation for them not being embodied anymore. You can take them with you.” ~ Laurie Costanza, “12 Things to Know About the First Year of Grieving Someone You Can’t Live Without.


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