September 25, 2021

A Manifesto on Embracing our Fears & Living our Best Life.


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I’m a therapist, meditation teacher, and writer.

These are all titles and strip it all away, I am pure consciousness, and you are, too.

In life, we often get caught up in who we are—our construct of ourselves, our identity, and our fear.

That is right. Fear! As a writer and a human, but I don’t believe all the stories in my head. I need to challenge my thoughts on a regular basis because I am human like everyone else.

Our brain sometimes weaves fantastical fear-based stories that hold us frozen in life.

How do we live fearlessly, you might ask?

One of the ways is to let go of that persona and step into the light of our pure consciousness—the light within. But this is just spiritual jumbo, you might say. At first, I thought this as well as I’m no expert in letting go of fear. I’m a novice human as well. We all have setbacks and take steps forward and come back. This is the growth process.

Running away simply keeps us frozen. So, I ask you this:

What would happen if you embraced fear?

What would life be like if you stood in front of fear with honesty—yes, honesty—and you leaned in?

These are big questions, aren’t they?

Take a deep breath—release it.

Even in the face of fear, you are still here. Fear is simply a story created to keep you back.

The fearless life is embracing everything as it arises. It is a gentle surrender. It is having a little faith and enjoying each moment. The fearless one embraces the “now.” To live like this is to not be without fear but to face it daily.

Think about the types of things you fear: rejection, pain, failure, or loss. The list is endless, really. We, humans, fear a lot of things. But it is okay to fear anything or everything. What becomes problematic is when fear holds the reigns.

So today, let go of fear. Lean in with curiosity and start living.

Step with lightness and let go of that heavy load.

Darling, you are a glorious gift.

Embrace this life by facing everything that holds you back. Hold hands with your fear. Embrace the pain, and it will soften.

Let your mind settle after reading this, and listen to your breath. Tune in and feel every cell alive.

This is bliss. You are pure consciousness.

All we have is now, and now is everything.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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