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September 18, 2021

Deceiving the Believer

They wake up waiting on a sign

Surely today is the day
Their savior will come

But even if God was right in front of their eyes
They’d let it pass on by

The only prayer I ever dare to pray
Is to not lose my way and what I need to say
Keep my head from going down
Silenced in their ghost town
Yet everyone else is so loud
Their eyes are slick
Their tongues stick as words hit like bricks
Fires of truth are lit
But quickly stomped out
Speaking scriptures while sewing in shame
That’s the name of the game

I scream out in the depths of the crowd
But a million voices muffle me out

Love come take me now
Before life takes me down

They claim their is one way
One path
One blood shed

But I too have shed blood
I know the demons by name

I have seen the light
But only by force and fight
No one to hold my hand through this life

A million slaves
A million souls
Taught to believe
Taught to deceive
Taught to bleed
For salvation

I prayed for wings
But I’m still stuck on land
Pounding my fists in the sand

Love if you can hear this sound
Come take me now
Before life takes me down

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