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September 18, 2021

I Dare You

I dare you

Dare to be seen
to be heard
to be held
to be felt

Dare to be loved deeply
Even when you want to fight and flee

Dare to make eye contact
Even when you want to go blind

Dare to ask the hard questions
Even when you’re not sure what you’ll find

Dare to breathe deeply
to jump when you want to freeze
And yet
to be still and feel the breeze

Dare to sing until angels join in like a choir
Dare to tell the truth in a room full of liars

Dare to scream into the summer air
Dare to cut off your hair

Dare to be silent enough to hear your demons
And dare to burn them to the ground
With your symphony of sound

Dare to be you
Dare to be beautiful

Dare to not do what you’re told
Dare to be “old”

Dare to bleed fire in a misogynistic world
Dare to embrace your curls, curves,
Womanly waist and spicy taste

Dare to say NO.
Dare to say YES!

Dare to face death
Dare to be reborn

Dare to be weird
Barefoot and brave
Breaking the chains of the slave

And even dare to stumble and fall
And as the dust settles at the end of it all
I dare you

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