September 17, 2021

Are you Brave Enough to Create? {Video}

“Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert


We’ve been there.

We’ve had the ultimate opportunity waiting within arms’ reach and could not lift a finger to touch it because of the weight of all the “what ifs.”

We’ve stared at a blank page with a blinking cursor—blink, blink, blink—it‘s still blank.

We’ve been happy and motivated to share our joy with the world! We posted our creation and waited and waited and waited for a crowd who never came.

We’ve been on the rug of life when it was whipped out from beneath us, knocking us back with our feet flailing in the air—stunned and shocked and unable to think.

We know what it’s like to feel scared, blocked, overwhelmed, or stuck in the hands of sticky, monster-sized procrastination.

We also know what to do.


If you’ve lost your creative flow or are feeling low, watch this.

“Create when you’re on and keep creating when you are off…learn how to lead in your own life and that is the ultimate form of art…just keep creating and that will be good enough,” ~ T. K. Coleman 


As Elephant Journal founder Waylon Lewis teaches in the Elephant Academy, when stuck, write about the problem.

That’s right—paint it, sing it, dance it, draw it—create with it.

Allow the struggle to become the muse.

There is creative energy inside of us to use if we dare to tap into it.

And if our minds are too scattered, another tip from Waylon works: meditate. Take a minute to rest in the present moment. Notice the struggle and breathe deeply.

Then, try to create again.

Community and accountability help too. Perhaps, gather with other writers for six weeks this Fall, if that’s your thing.

The Elephant Academy has created a course to explore your authentic voice, shake up your habits, and expand your community.

So, let’s do it together.

Take the space to create and Write Your Heart Out. Find out more here.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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