September 22, 2021

Rise. {Poem}


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I revisit the scene of the crime.

One too many times in my mind,

masochistic memories,

knocked unconscious on the wooden floor,

gripping to the boards,

tasting for any trace of reality.

The room was inversed.

Time was reversed.


Couldn’t slow down the fists.



The lick of the leather belt.

Cold metal tongue stung my flesh.


Screams that hurried down hollow halls.

Neighbors ignoring it all.

Deaf to the pain rushing in pounding walls.

My legs failed.

Arms went numb.

Defenses down.

Senses dumb.


But still I hear a quiet voice,


Wobbling to a stand,

I can start to feel my hands.

The truth crawls inside of my head,

filling with words that need to be said.

I think I made it out alive.

I’m far from dead.

The voice of strength speaks.

“Your pain was a chisel that shaped you into a diamond. They know not what a precious gem they have. They see a stone, but I exalt your glory. So diamond go and reflect the light.”

And once and for all—


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Read 2 comments and reply

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