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October 8, 2021

Why your photography business isn’t growing when others are

The mind of every photographer — “When are my next photo sessions going to book? Will I have work once I’m done these galleries? How will I make money next month? What will I do if there’s another lockdown?”

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you want to go full-time, have a little more financial security, and leave that side-hustle stress behind… but you’ve been at this a while and you feel like it’s never going to happen to you…even though it looks like it’s happening for everybody else on Instagram.

At Photo Business Design, here’s what we’ve noticed:

The biggest mistake that most photographers are making right now is spending time on activities that are not growing their business.

You spend all of your time editing, fussing with your website, spending hours making a single reel, and worst of all..working for free “to build up your portfolio” and look busy….thinking that’s what’ll bring in the next client. And sometimes, it works! But most of the time it doesn’t.

Listen, I was on that particular hamster wheel too….. for 9 years…. gaining very little traction.

These are completely backwards strategies…and I’ve used every single one of them too.

Think about it — How many photographers do you know right now who are doing all the “right” things they’re supposed to be doing and have nothing to show for it? If those strategies worked, they would have worked for you.

And how many photographers do you know who ARE fully-booked and have sub-par websites, they post to social media maaaaybe twice per week and when they do they always seem to be out having fun and not stuck at their desk editing in the dark?

What do they know that you don’t?

Well, I can’t speak for all photographers but I can tell you how I finally went full time, during the pandemic, after struggling in this business for a decade.

How do you get results?


It depends on what actions you either are taking or are not taking.

But what determines the actions you’re willing to take to build your business and put yourself out there?

How you are feeling.

I want you to recognize: If you are feeling insecure, unsure of yourself, like a fraud… are you really going to take the actions you need to take to grow your photo business? I know I didn’t.

So, what determines how you’re feeling?

Your thoughts. Specifically, its how you are thinking about yourself, your talent, your ability.

And here, my friends, we reach the bedrock upon which your business (or lack thereof) is built. So what determines how you are thinking?

Your Beliefs.

Your beliefs about yourself is what will determine your business results.

Can the next big business strategy really outperform the limited mindset that’s running the show? No.

So let me ask you:

Do you believe, truly, that you are capable of accomplishing your dream? Do you believe that you can withstand rejection enough to keep pushing forward when a potential client or vendor tells you no?

If you could rate your mindset on how you handle rejection from 1–10, how would your resiliency measure up? No judgement. Before all the personal work I’ve done, my rating would have been at a 2 at best.

Let me assure you, I was you. And, sometimes I still am there.

I am telling you though, from experience and with love: the most effective way to build a fully-booked photo business starts FIRST with mastering your limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself.

What is a belief?

It’s a thought that you’ve thought repeatedly, over time, until you believe it so strongly and without question. And you usually believe that it’s Truth.

One of my old beliefs was “I’m not as good as other photographers.” Perhaps that rings true for you too, or something similar.

Your beliefs determine how you’re thinking, your thoughts determine your feelings, your feelings determine your actions, and your actions directly influence the results you do or do not get in photo business and in life.

Let me repeat: the most effective way to build a fully-booked photo business starts FIRST with mastering your limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself.

Ultimately, business is a reflection of you. And your business can only grow as YOU grow.

Think about it — you’re a photographer in a competitive industry. There are thousands of photographers competing in your area.

Are you more likely to do what you need to do to build a fully-booked business when you’re stuck in comparisonitis and imposter syndrome, not feeling good enough?

Or, are you going to show up more boldly and take your bookings into your own hands when you’ve committed to mastering a mindset that allows you to break-free from the painful, daily, comparison game that you play while scrolling on Instagram?⠀

If you embrace being uncomfortable, get curious about what triggers you, and understand that your triggers ARE your teachers….you can increase your emotional resiliency rating, build self-belief and confidence, and you’ll finally be able to do what you need to do to actually book more photo clients (without waiting for them to come to you).

We all know that personal transformation is not easy though. It is a daily commitment and habit. It is meant to challenge us. And you don’t have to do any of it.

But what then?

What is the consequence for you and your photo business by not investing in YOURSELF and in your own growth now?

Real talk: If you spend the next decade (like I did) getting in your own way, stuck in the cycle of self-sabotage and “trying” to build your business without learning to master your thoughts….. you are straight-up mortgaging your future, your retirement, your mental health and your life essence.

Don’t take my word for it though— look to yourself. You know how this either resonates or doesn’t.

And what is the ripple effect going to be on your family or friends in this process? Will your kids go boldly after their dream? Will you be able to retire the way you daydream of retiring one day?

With 15 combined years of photo business experience and 15 years of our own personal mindset development, my business partner and I can show you what’s worked for us. And it’s not going to cost you a dang thing. Completely free, minus a little bit of your time.⠀⠀⠀


We are going to help you do this by sharing our secret blueprint for developing the PhotoCEO™ mindset. You will walk away with the key steps you need to grow your client roster, make more money (without needing more followers) and massively improve your mental health.

We will likely trigger you, move you into action so that you can create money on demand, and help YOU transform your doubt, comparison, and imposter syndrome.

This is a special invitation for you to STOP the cycle of self-sabotage and start taking radical responsibility for your own life and photo business.

When you commit fully to yourself, your business will commit fully to you.


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