November 24, 2021

When our Soul is Calling, Are we Listening?


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I’ve been asking myself some pretty serious questions of late—I know I’m not alone.

Each day, I FaceTime my adult daughter, which is our means of communication ever since the start of this pandemic.

Today my one-year-old grandson says, “Nana,” and tries to feed me over the phone.

My granddaughter comments on my new bangs and asks to see her toys. My son-in-law talks philosophy, and my daughter asks about my soul and my faith.

“How is your faith and your spirituality?” she asks. I pause in reflection.

We have been talking about some serious things of late.

I have been sharing my worries about earthly things. At the sweet tender age of 23, she speaks about our soul’s calling and shares that she believes that this period is an opportunity to grow spiritually.

At first, I am a little frustrated.

I pause and smile.

I have been listening to my soul’s calling, and the result is my writing and creation of poetry, meditations, and prayers I offer.

She smiles and continues asking more difficult questions. I become agitated.

In this moment, I feel like I’m at heaven’s gates reviewing my life.

I pause in reflection.

I want to grow and deepen my relationship with God. I want to be the best that I can be and love unconditionally. I share this with my daughter, and we talk openly about our spirituality. It is one of the most precious moments in my life, and I am grateful.

I agree with my daughter that I, too, feel that this time we live in is an opportunity to grow.

My daughter suggests handing all fear and worries over to God through prayer. The dialogue with God in which our soul speaks.

I sigh and settle. This is what my soul desires.

We are all spiritual beings in human form experiencing life as it unfolds, all of its sweetness, along with the trials and tribulations.

In this brief conversation with my daughter, I feel my own father near as if his wisdom is speaking through her. How else does someone her age talk so wisely, I ponder?

This was the conversation I needed today.

This was the love that I received. God speaks through us and others. All we need to do is open up and receive.

Thank you, sweet daughter.


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Read 14 comments and reply

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