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December 15, 2021

Dear Human

From the moment you are born, the one title that can never be removed is you are human.  It will be your gift from the world and also your largest burden to carry.

Dear Human remember before anything you are a Human.

Before a lover, a friend, a brother, a sister, a partner, a parent you were a Human.

Let no title whether it was adorned by the manufactured need of societal labels to put us in categories to define our existence in the world,
Allow you to lose who you were before came the title of Human and this will never change and will almost remain long after.

Never lose this title no matter how far and wide you search or how many labels life and others adorn you.
This title is the jewels of your existence and the foundation to your being. Your Holy Grail.

We live in a world that puts us first and last.
History and now is always changing and trying to create some type of definition of how it should be and what we should be.

It is imperative that all humans understand that no one can accurately love you until you love yourself first and most importantly accept yourself most.

The beauty of being human is displayed in many different ways from the feels, physical features, mental capacity and emotional intelligence.

While this existence and role on earth as human can only be managed and strengthened by the foundation that must be laid from within.

Please note dear Human: With this great power comes great responsibility to yourself, to others, to the world and your inner world and everything you cross paths with. You must protect yourself from what dims your light and joy and challenges your existence of being human or attempts to make you into something you are not.

Dear Human remember before everything you are Human.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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