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December 9, 2021

The Role of Empathy in Leadership

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Every type of organization needs a leader. While some people think they are born leaders, other people believe that hard work, self-discipline, and effort help to create leaders.

One trait that successful businesspeople often share is showing empathy for the people who work for them. As reported in a 2020 Forbes article, in workplaces where company leaders display empathy toward employees, productivity rates and morale are high, and employees remain loyal to their employers.

Empathy Can Be A Strength In Business

There are some people in the business world who insist that showing empathy toward employees is a sign of weakness; however, this is entirely untrue. Being empathetic requires patience, tolerance, and understanding and can lead to better overall relationships.

When company leaders utilize empathy in the workplace, their employees tend to feel better about themselves, and are often more productive.

Empathy Can Be Taught And Learned

Being able to motivate and guide others and successfully oversee the operations of a business are indeed admirable leadership qualities. If an employer does not maintain an empathetic approach to staff relations, however, the overall relationship between employer and employees can suffer.

Some people find that utilizing a leadership coach’s services can help them improve their leadership skills, while others learn to self-modify their habits and skills independently. Like other positive life changes, practicing over and over can lead to positive results.

Developing Empathy

There are several things that people can do to improve their workplace empathy and leadership skills. One way to become more empathetic is to truly listen to what people are saying. Effective leaders know the importance of listening to other people and realize that by doing so, they can better understand a situation.

Being fair and inclusive with everyone is part of being a good leader. It’s vital for every person to feel that they matter and that they can collaborate with others.

Encouraging others to do their best, and having confidence that they can do so, are hallmarks of a good leader.

An empathetic leader will show genuine interest in each team member’s job role, which can help them to understand better what is essential in their lives.

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