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December 29, 2021

Three (Erotic) Things

Three things, just three things.

And so much happens with these three things.

They could be any 3 things, and today I chose these. Rope, a blindfold, a flogger.

The strands of the flogger are made of rubber. They give a sensation, a sting, not pain.

They can also be stroked across the skin, your skin, across your whole body. They can be stroked over your legs, your thighs, the inside of your thighs, your groin crease. They can be stroked over your Yoni or Lingam. They can be stroked over your belly, your breasts, your back, your neck. They’re not just for flogging. And even that can have different sensations. One stroke. And then a pause.

Maybe a few, maybe in the same place, maybe all over. Then a pause.

Then maybe my fingertips, so softly over where the flogger struck.

Or my mouth close to your skin, blowing.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

Let’s begin with a conversation.

What we’re going to do, what you’d like, where you’d like, how you’d like.

And then maybe I’m sitting behind you and putting the blindfold over your eyes. And maybe you’ll drop into your body, into the sensation, into your breath.

Maybe you’ll drop inside yourself, with this one simple item, one simple act.

And maybe then I’ll pause, in the anticipation of what’s next. You’ll feel me, close behind you. Present. Energy connecting us. Hearts opening.

Maybe the rope first, still coiled, slowly over your skin. You feel the weight of it.

And then maybe my hands, slowly, softly, all over your body.

And then maybe the rope unraveled, one strand that caresses you as it snakes over your body. It feels alive. Has an energy of its own.

Maybe wrap it around you, maybe tie it somewhere.

Maybe, maybe…

There is such creativity, such playfulness, such excitement, such fun, available to us, in our sexuality, our sensuality.

There is a way to be present.

There is a way to be intimate and aware.

There is a way to connect, deeply, with ourselves, and from that to connect with another.

To feel the vibration inside of us, to feel the vibration inside of them.

It’s energy, all energy.

The touch, the breath, the sensation, the feeling, energy.

The connection, the listening, energy.

Heightened energy, deeper energy, more sensitive energy.

Energy that becomes a deeper state of awareness, we drop into it, into ourselves, into each other. We drop into the intimacy, which has a presence of its own, palpable in awareness.

Everything in this, every touch, every breath, every sensation, everything we see, takes us deeper.

The body, this body.

More and more I teach, I do, body meditations.

Ways to experience the wisdom, the peace, the energy within.

So many ways, possibilities, limitless.

In movement, in breath, in touch, in sensation, in feeling.

This is the path for us to go into ourselves, this body.

This is the way for us to feel ourselves, this body, in life.

This is the way for us to release, to let go, to expand, to soften, this body.

This is the place for us to feel life, vitality, this body.

And the path of pleasure has such power for this journey.

We don’t always think about that, pleasure as a conscious experience, that’s not about sex.

It’s an energy, an energy that has such power, such possibility. It can be so opening, so healing, so releasing, and carry such awareness in it.

We get distracted by the pattern of sex, the conditioning of sex, of orgasm. That’s an old model, and the distraction keeps us from going deeper. As the mind distracts us from the body.

We learn, through experience, through practice, to stay in the energy, to drop, drop, into ourselves. Into an inner world without end.

The energy of sensual possibility.

The energy of erotic possibility.

The energy of erotic wisdom.

The energy of the heart.

The presence of the body.

It’s in the experience, the words, if we need them, come afterwards.

The mind, voracious with its desire for analysis, for commentary, for labels, later.

For now, let us feel.

Let us be.

In this delicious field of possibility.

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