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January 22, 2022

Drop Into Your Body

Photo by Igor Faoro on Pexels.

Drop into your body.

Drop deep, into the base, into the pelvis.

On so many journeys, in so many teachings, it’s about moving up, moving away from our base.

And it just may be that moving the other way, moving down, brings us into ourselves. Into the core.

We can’t wait to get higher, and we can’t wait to move.

And in this we so often force the movement, we force the energy.

And we’re sitting, literally and metaphorically with a pelvis of deep tension, contraction, tightness congestion. Emotionally, physically, energetically.

We’ve created a disconnect from ourselves, a distance in our bodies.

The judgment of our sexuality and our genitals, the way we’ve made excreting dirty, the anal tension and withhold. The things we don’t talk about, the things we hold onto, the opening, relaxation and release that we block.

And the wisdom, the awareness, the connection to ourselves, our bodies, our hearts, to life, that sits in the pelvis.

The relationship we have, at best, with these parts of the body, is functional, does it work. And when it doesn’t, we often don’t talk about it, it’s embarrassing.

And there’s something else we forget about, the spirituality that’s there, in the depths, in the darkness. We want the light, and we think it’s up.

I’ve learned lately how much is opposite of what we’ve been conditioned to think for so long. And I’ve seen the freedom, the lightness, the learning, the release, the connection, the intimacy that comes from dropping down.

When we spend some time in awareness of our pelvis we become aware of how much physical tension sits there for many of us. This tension impacts on the rest of the body, on movement, on feeling comfortable and easy within our body. It connects to our hips, which connects to our spine, which connects to our rib cage, which connects to our jaws, which connects to our skull, which connects to our shoulders, which connects to our arms and hands, which connects to our knees, which connects to our feet.

As we begin to release tension there the whole body begins to open, to soften.

And over more than 25 years of working in the field of Conscious Sexuality I’ve seen how many sexual issues and blockages, for men and women, are connected to tightness, tension, contraction in the pelvis. As this part of the body relaxes and opens, physically, energetically and emotionally, they’re all entwined and connected, how many of these problems start to release. And the body is the way in.

And here’s something I’ve learned, when this opens, the energy naturally flows upwards. We don’t have to force it, we don’t have to push it, we don’t have to pull it. It flows…

When the base relaxes we can listen to what’s there. This is a part of the body so rich with nerves, with blood, with energy, with vitality, with life-force, with creativity. There’s wisdom here. In the elements of earth and water. And in the quiet we can hear its voice. It’s interesting that we say I’ll listen to my heart, I’ll listen to my gut, my intuition, I’ll listen to my mind. What about listening to our pelvis, to our anus, our perineum? Not only when we want to excrete something, not only when we want to have sex. To feel if something here contracts or tightens, or tingles and opens, says yes.

It takes time to develop a relationship that allows us to hear this voice, sense how it communicates with us, after all we’ve had a lifetime of not feeling into the rich soil here, the oceanic depths of subtle awareness. And of covering our pelvis, hiding it, judging it, making most of it about sex.

And as a digression, an important one, there’s something so interesting that happens with our sexuality when we start to listen to our genitals. By doing this we start to hear, to know what our body wants. Not what the mind thinks we want. So much of our sexual experience is based in the thoughts and fantasies of the mind. We may begin to feel aroused, and we go to the list of possibilities, we know, the playlist we have in our minds. In listening to the body we become aware of how we’d like to be touched, today, what we’d like to experience, what’s alive there now.

And what’s so interesting about this is so often when we ask people, men and women, what they’d like, sensually sexually, they don’t really know, and the list is quite narrow. When we listen to what’s inside of us there is such an opening of possibility.

One way to become more aware of, and to begin to relax, and to develop a relationship with these beautiful, mysterious, magical parts of ourselves is to sit, or lie down, and firstly feel. Feel your pelvis, feel your anus, feel your perineum, the area between you genitals and anus, feel your genitals, feel your whole pelvis, the muscles, the bones. Simply become aware of everything that’s there.

And then breathe. Breathe into your pelvis, breathe into every organ. Breathe into the muscles, into the bones, into the skin, into the space.

Feel how quiet everything goes. You’re bringing your mind deeper into your body, you’re bringing your awareness deeper into your body.

Feel how it begins to soften, to open, this may take time.

Feel how it begins to spread through your body. This may take time.

Spend a few minutes every day inside, deep inside yourself.

In this sacred cave, this sacred earth, rich with treasures.

Drop down.

So much is there, waiting for you.

With such love, such possibility.

From the idea of Enter from Within, from Dropping into the Body some beautiful, deep, expanding and pleasurable practices are emerging.

I’d love to share them with you.

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