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January 3, 2022

This is How we Stop Recycling Hurt.

As a movement teacher I have come to see how teaching only shows us what is possible, however it is the process of learning that makes things possible for ourselves & others. In today’s world that is visual & instant gratification we are not reminded of this enough.

Through the process of life fear comes, disrupts us, things break & we feel anguish. We are taught by the world instead of feeling it all; to deny, hide, abandon ourselves to condemn the pain instead of comfort it. When pains come we must make space for what needs to be heard the most, to listen with presence without shame & judgment. This is how we stop recycling hurt & decrease the cycle of hurt people hurting people.

This 2022 I long for more than ever that we as humans stop leaving ourselves behind & reach out & bring ourselves back home. Allowing ourselves to see, feel & express. To wonder, thrive & live fully. To be allowed to do this, no matter our pains & challenges. Why? Because this is how we find love again & how we learn to love first our own beings.

One of the things I am seeing more & more is that our responsibility is how we respond & use things, yes. However look deeper into this & our responsibility is how we respond to ourselves & use ourselves in each moment of life.

If we want things to change we have to be the change. To be the change we have to allow ourselves fully to exist. We have to stop denying who we really are is an accident & go back home to ourselves as we are. From here we can unravel the layers, re-layer the layers, & grow new layers. We do not need to leave ourselves behind, we need to allow ourselves to see, feel & express who we are born to be as we were born. I hope this 2022 we all start focusing on allowing ourselves that space to be, instead of denying ourselves. I hope we allow our souls to re open again from under the weight of the unkind, unspoken, untruths locked inside of us longing to be set free.

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