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January 2, 2022

This Touch of Possibility

I was thinking about all the massage experiences I teach and do.

Conscious Sensual Massage, a vast field of healing and pleasure, Taoist Sexual Energy Massage, Kashmiri Massage, Water Flow Massage, Yoni Massage in its many expressions of healing and pleasure, Lingam Massage and the different ways we can do that, Breast Massage, Anal Massage, Mouth Massage, Sensual Bondage Massage/Awakening the Senses, Earth Massage, Liquid Light and more.

I was thinking about how important touch is for us, more so at the moment due to the isolation, the disconnect, the loneliness, the fear so many of us have been in the past two years.

I was thinking about how when I developed The Heart Touch so much changed in the way I teach.

Touch is a language, the language of the body. Feeling, sensation are its vocabulary. It’s a language that goes deeper than words, goes to places deep within us that have a knowing.

And when we’re touched from the Heart, when we’re with Love, we know. Our Hearts know. Every cell in our body knows, we feel it.

And this is where so much happens.

This is where the healing and the release happens.

This is where the deep relaxation happens.

This is where the opening, the softening happens.

This is where the intimacy is.

This is where we’re connected to ourselves, to another.

This is where the energy is.

This is where we get to experience ourselves.

This touch speaks to us, to so many parts of us in a way that has no story, no label, no identity.

It feels.

It knows.

It knows the Heart, it knows Love.

This touch takes us to the stillness, to the quiet.

There’s a presence inside of us, waiting for us, waiting to be met.

And this inner quiet is the place we hear it, feel it, sense it.

This is the voice of inner wisdom, inner knowing, maybe it’s the voice of our soul.

This touch is a key that opens the door to our tears, and to cry them, all that we need.

And it’s the touch that soothes us, calms us, comforts us.

This is the touch of pleasure, such deep, high pleasure.

Caress that fills us with ecstasy, pulsating with light.

Waves of energy that expand us beyond our bodies into space, into energy.

This touch takes us deeper into the mind, for so much of the mind is in the body.

Our nervous system, our subconscious, in the body.

This touch allows other parts of us to come to awareness, beyond the patterned thoughts, beyond the mind that goes round and round the same thing. It opens us to insight, to creativity, to an expanded awareness.

This touch is intimacy, connection.

With ourselves, with another.

There is an offering in this Heart Touch, many offerings. The touch invites us to become intimate with ourselves, to know ourselves, to explore, to discover ourselves.

It’s the touch of possibility that will take us where we need to go, feel what we need to feel, in that moment.

Which makes it a pathway to presence.

Regardless of the label of the experience, it connects us with our bodies with what’s within us at this moment, which is calling us, calling to us.

The touch of possibility, in this body of possibility.


I so look forward to sharing with you in the coming year.

A few weeks ago I tried something new.

Knowing that energy isn’t limited to time or space, and that touch is energy.

A brief digression, I work with people around the world and in the experiences we share, energy is a touch that we can feel anywhere. It’s even been possible for people to have orgasms just through the energy.

So knowing that I made a meditation of a Taoist Sexual Energy Massage.

Here’s what some people experienced with it:

‘I listened to and experienced your Taoist sexual energy massage. It is really beautiful. The energy is so gentle starting off and the fire builds in the body exquisitely. I really felt it all over my body from heart up through 3rd eye, crown, right down throughout my  body out through soles of my feet. Drifted into a blissful space for a while afterwards. I am still feeling the fire in my sacral and solar plexus.
Thank you. I shall revisit this often.’

‘I did the meditation. I experienced very powerful energy surges throughout my body. I feel vibrantly alive and energized afterwards. Thank you for sharing this. As you know, I’ve been wanting to do this training of yours for some time now. This recording gave me a small taste of it. Wonderful!’

It’s available to you, here’s the link to order it:

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