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January 13, 2022

Uncomfortable conversations by showing we care

To have uncomfortable conversations to share our differences and truths we have to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and be brave enough to start.

The catch is we have to do it in a way in which people know we care and we are not attacking them, when we do not see eye to eye by doing it through our heart space. We do not want to condemn others for being different from us nor do we want to be condemned for being different from others.

We want to share so we can find a space to connect from with respect and compassion. We also need to create uncomfortable conversations to change the world but we need to do it with the intention of showing we care about others and the world as we share what is uncomfortable or have these uncomfortable conversations.

To heal the world we need to have these uncomfortable conversations. The best way I’ve learned to do this is remember when sharing people don’t care what you know until they know that you care (heart space sharing). We must always remember to show we care about the bigger picture when we share, so we can see the heart of the share. Words matter and even more the intentions matter behind them most. We can feel and see hearts and souls when we have uncomfortable conversations that need to be had.

We have these uncomfortable conversations and share our differences because we need people to know we care about them too and the world and everyone in society walking on this earth with us in this world. So that we can stop the cycle of hurt people hurting people. We need to connect and understand each other even if it is uncomfortable and the growth will come (we must hold faith in that) but we have to start and with a way people can see we care.

We must understand difficult conversations, our differences, healing, learning to understand each other, racism, gender differences, sexes differences, cultural healing is not a finish line to cross, it’s a road we travel life long.

We are in a fight of oppressed vs oppressor for truth, morality, goodness and equality. I personally am so afraid to say the wrong thing (as I really care about others but I have lots to learn. The only way I can understand and learn about things I have never lived or do not know or understand is to hear the uncomfortable conversations and have the uncomfortable conversations).  I am scared to be a burden to others and it is so hard to navigate this world with our hearts and words as the human we are. We are always uninformed or misaligned somewhere with someone.

It truly is so hard to say the right thing in this world but all I can say is if we start with showing we care this will go a long way. A long with starting the difficult conversations by showing we care too.  There is no one size fits all. It is a process of lifelong navigation of learning, growing and showing we care. It’s about showing each other we are here to listen and meet them/others and ourselves where we are.

Our world will only change because we hold dialogues and share our stories. If we do not hold these dialogues and are not careful we will find ourselves a part of the problem somewhere, because we do not open our minds and hearts to see more.

The problem in our society is we are often as people are so closed minded and we assume our experience is every experience. We have to challenge that and remember that it is not. We can only challenge that by talking to each other and trying different things so we can gain knowledge, wisdom, understanding and learnings about others experiences and peoples ways of living and their stories.

Where do we and how do we start this? There is not one size fits all except I believe we must live from the heart space of where we are and start these conversations telling the truth from where we are right now. We must speak through our hearts showing what we know but that we also care and that is why we are sharing with vulnerability and humbling our ego. We want to show we want to be better than at this moment and acknowledge we have growth, by meeting others where we are with more kindness and openness.

We also must remember not to let other people put a limit or ceiling on our lives.  We all can make a difference and change and grow.  Deliverance and relief will rise, so we must choose if we want to be of service and answer the call to be of service to better tomorrows by showing with care as we walk this earth and share our journey and continue to be willing to always remain open to others doing the same.

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