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January 11, 2022

Why 40s can be the new 20s of Love and Romance

Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.

As the culture of development, gains more favour around the globe, the less I see – people in their twenties, who are enjoying their new found Independence and who believe they can explore the world this or any moment they decide to. And if I encounter someone like that, they remind me of the movies, movies which are of some years back and still remembered today when we want to pair youth with art of life and wise sayings.

Instead, more I see – the people in their twenties, who are focused on hustling for their career. Because the path is a proven one for growth. It makes sense and is a rational choice for life. And I do not need to talk here about the numerous benefits and privileges that come with the growth. It is all so Attractive.

Hustling in 20s, reaching the peak in thirties and if done well retired in forties. That’s the new dream of development.

But it makes it harder than earlier to follow love in life until forties. Here is why forties are more likely to bring love in life.

1. Age factor – It is the balanced age. Peeps are mature with some experience and still young.

2. Mid life Crisis – After teenage hormones, only mid life Crisis can bring back the rejuvenated attention to fun and romance and the much needed push to actually follow love in life.

3. Attitude – In forties we begin our journey towards the carefree attitude and that is the spark of romance.

4. Self Satisfaction – It is the age of prime self satisfaction and confidence and it helps us in being the best of lovers we can be, primarily because with our cup filled, it allows us to be kinder in giving and brings us the purest joy of love.

5. Judgement – We are more understanding at this age. And so our choices are broader in picking love and our restrictions are the ones that are must needed and precise. It improves our acceptance of love.

6. Time – It is the age when we start finding time for ourselves again. We are wise and awakened.

And what more do we need for love, an open heart and some time to dedicate.

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