January 3, 2022

Why “Friends” is Justin Bieber’s Best & Most Underrated Song.

So I am a Belieber.

Yes, I admit it. I’ve followed his journey for years as he grappled with the best and worst of fame and kept putting out good music. But I didn’t call myself a Belieber until I heard “Friends.”

I didn’t expect to be so moved by this song. It’s about a breakup where he asks if they can still be friends. It doesn’t have to end.

He asks about her mom and questions about her life. He wants to still know her.

Can you be friends with an ex? It’s possible but not always the best idea. But it’s a touching sentiment. He doesn’t want to truly let her go.

Moving on from the love is hard enough, but what if you just miss that person? What if you miss the little things like inside jokes and shared views? What if you miss hearing about their day? You don’t have to attach a romantic gesture to asking about them. You just want to hold onto them in a different way.

Sometimes, holding onto a friendship is worth it. You still have goodwill toward that person. You worry and wonder about them. You want to make sure they are okay. That’s the beauty of this song. It’s full of character and hope for two people to not lose each other truly.

Have you ever had a friend you cherished like that? Even though a romantic relationship didn’t work out, you still cared for them. That takes some strength to be able to also put aside any hurt feelings and make sure they know they are worth everything to you. It takes a delicate type of care to listen to them even after you have both made mistakes.

What do you think of “Friends?” Is it his best song? I think so but I know he has a lot of good stuff out there. This one just hit me differently.


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