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March 23, 2022

Arousal from the Throat

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.

I wrote a piece a while ago called Enter from Within, which has led to some amazing exploration, discovery and experience.

For a long time I’ve been working with the connection between our genitals and throat. For many of us this begins as healing, releasing, opening.

We hold so much there, so many unsaid things, so much tension, contraction.

So many times we didn’t ask for what we want, not only in sex but in all of life. So many times we held ourselves back from saying what we needed to. So many times we were taught not to express certain emotions. So many times we didn’t have the courage to use our voice. So many times there was fear around speaking our truth. So many times we said yes when we meant no, no when we meant yes.

So many times all of that was me.

And so we begin to release, to open.

We connect with our throat, with our voice, with the channel of energy that flows from our genitals to our throat, and from our throat to our sex. There’s a clue there, where we’re going.

And when the throat begins to open something really interesting happens.

That’s a space where arousal begins.

That’s a place to Enter from Within.

There is space in our throat, so much space, in the element of Ether.

And in this space is the possibility of arousal.

Here’s how it happens.

We open the throat, we breathe into our throat. We make sounds. We drop our heads back. We open.

And when we feel the energy start to activate, a tingling, a warmth, sometimes simply an awareness, we breathe that down.

To the heart.

And we activate our hearts.

We breathe into the heart, maybe there’s a sound, maybe there’s a movement in the heart, in the chest.

And when we feel that activate we breathe it down.

To the solar plexus.

And we breathe, we sound, we feel the fire there, maybe very gentle, maybe more.

And when that activates, when we feel, even just something, maybe it’s Faint, but it’s there, we breathe that down.

Through the belly.

To our Yoni or Lingam.

And the arousal, the energy is coming from within us.

And then, we can meet the touch, we can meet our lover.

When the touch is from outside, which is as it mostly happens, you touch me, I begin to get turned on, this is different.

It’s coming from within.

It’s deeper.

As it moves down my body it goes through my heart, infused with the energy there, through my belly, adding to it, expanding it, deepening it.

And it opens the energy in my body, so that the sexual energy can flow up, naturally.

We’ve been taught for so long about moving the energy up the body. When we bring it down we’re coming into ourselves, into the core of ourselves.

And something that’s emerged from teaching this to women is how it changes being entered and penetrated.

It moves it from being entered to a drawing in, of a finger, a Lingam, from deep inside you.

For many women this is often quite passive, being penetrated. It’s often something that’s done to you.

This changes to a more engaged, welcoming, opening, receiving moment.

And it comes from deep in your throat.

And you can draw that energy, that sensation, that feeling, that pleasure, all the way up your body.

When we expand the way we look at things, when we open to what’s present in the body, when we go beyond the patterning, the conditioning, the beliefs, we step into a world of possibility.

The pleasure is deeper for both men and women.

There is more energy moving, and it’s more accessible, it’s felt more rather than being a concept.

It’s also impacting deeply on cervical pleasure for women, as it helps open and release tension there from within.

It’s helping men be more in control of their sexual energy as it’s flowing more rather than exploding outwards.

Arousal of the Throat.

Arousal through the Throat.

This body, the possibilities, limitless.

Mystery, magic.


Watch out for the workshop where I’ll be sharing some of the ways to have this experience with you.

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